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0:01 CS: Do you suffer from tormenting thoughts 0:03 from your past? 0:04 How about regrets that you want to overcome? 0:07 If this is you then 0:08 I have a guest today that is going to share with us 0:11 all about how not to be tormented by our past. 0:16 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:18 and become all that God 0:20 has intended for you to become. 0:23 Today is your day to change your life 0:26 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:30 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:33 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:39 CS: Welcome to your Path to Destiny. 0:41 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman, 0:43 and your life coach mentor. 0:45 I’m so excited to have you with me today 0:47 because we’re going to be talking 0:49 how not to be tormented by regrets 0:53 or by things that have happened in our past, 0:56 even in our childhood. 0:57 All of us suffer from having a memory 1:00 of difficult things that have taken place. 1:03 But where we miss it is 1:04 when we stayed tormented in that place. 1:07 We need to overcome. 1:08 We need to get beyond these things. 1:10 And sometimes we need just a little help to do that. 1:13 And see today, my guest, Dr. Barbara Lowe, 1:16 is a licensed psychologist. 1:18 She has a practice in Raleigh – Durham 1:20 in North Carolina, 1:22 and she has been on television. 1:24 She’s a speaker. 1:26 She spends a lot of her time 1:28 making women and men 1:30 too, both learn to be whole from the inside out. 1:34 And so I am so excited to have her with me today 1:37 because she is an expert in how not to stay 1:42 tormented by thoughts of the past. 1:44 Thank you, Barbara. BL: I want to be like 1:46 Oooooh, because I am so excited to be here. 1:50 I’m honored to be here. 1:51 You’re such a dear friend of mine, a new friend, 1:54 and I’m so passionate about this topic 1:58 because all things work together for the good 2:01 for those who love God. 2:02 And that means in the past, 2:03 that means the mistakes in the present. 2:05 In the future, 2:06 all things can become beautiful in Him. 2:08 CS: That’s right. 2:09 I know. It’s wonderful to know that when we come 2:12 to know Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, 2:15 that He makes us brand new on the inside. 2:18 And all that needs to happen 2:19 is our soul needs to catch up! Our mind, 2:22 our will, and our emotions need to catch up 2:24 with that inward change 2:25 that happens when we receive Jesus. 2:27 And so you’re an expert in this area 2:29 not only because you have studied psychology 2:33 and ran the good race 2:34 and become a workman approved of the Lord. 2:37 But because you yourself are an overcomer 2:40 who had some difficult things happen in your past 2:42 with your mother and your father. 2:44 And today we’re going to focus on your relationship 2:46 with your dad and just how you had difficulty 2:50 in this relationship. 2:51 I want you to share it with our audience today, 2:53 because I know 2:55 that they’re really going to be set free when 2:56 they hear it. BL: Yes, yes. 2:57 So, both my parents grew up in domestic violence. 3:02 They both grew up with addicts in their family. 3:04 And it’s interesting, 3:06 I remember one time my mom told me, 3:08 you know, much later in life, she said, 3:10 I think I was abused as a child or I saw abuse. 3:13 And she described what she had done to me. 3:15 And she still didn’t know 3:16 that she had done that to me. 3:18 But with my, so with my mom, 3:20 she would do things like pull me out of the house 3:23 by my hair in drunken rages 3:25 and kick me out in my pajamas as a 13 year old, 3:28 you know, just tell me she hated me. 3:30 So I moved from there. My parents were divorced 3:33 and I moved in with my dad, 3:34 who was really just as broken. 3:37 He I found out right before he died 3:39 that he’d been molested his whole growing up. 3:42 His dad used to beat his mom. 3:44 His mom was an alcoholic, died young. 3:46 So my dad didn’t have very many parenting skills. 3:48 And when my mom left him, it really devastated him. 3:51 So I went through what’s called emotional incest 3:53 with my dad, 3:54 where he would lean on me as a partner. 3:56 We would sleep in the same bed. 3:58 He would talk to me about intimate things 4:00 that he shouldn’t talk to me about. 4:01 And, and so I pretty much stayed high 4:03 that whole year. 4:05 My dad and I got high a lot together 4:07 and my dad’s relatives 4:09 were connected in the Mafia. Anyway, 4:12 they felt like it wasn’t good to have me there. 4:14 And so I had no one. 4:15 And he sent me back to live with my mom. 4:18 I was homeless for part of my senior year 4:19 because neither one of them wanted me. 4:22 I found Christ at 19 and everything changed. 4:26 Now fast forward some amazing growth in Christ. 4:30 Some some difficult things happened. 4:33 I went through a divorce that I didn’t want 4:35 and some other things. But God was so faithful. 4:38 And I remember my mom had cancer 4:41 and we had just found out and I was [unintelligible] 4:43 I was a mom. 4:44 And I, I went to- my dad had been having 4:48 what I would call a psychotic break and 4:51 I think he had gotten into some drugs 4:53 he shouldn’t have gotten in, 4:54 so he was calling, calling, calling, 4:56 and I didn’t realize the extent 4:59 to what he was going through. 5:01 I was sharing the gospel with him, 5:03 but I was also kind of 5:04 starting to get focused on my mom, 5:06 who was about to go into surgery 5:07 because we just found out she had cancer. 5:10 So I went to my mom’s house. 5:12 I didn’t take my dad’s last call. 5:15 It came at midnight at night. 5:17 I was in bed. I didn’t know 5:19 that he was going to shoot himself that night. 5:24 CS: Hmmm. BL: Yeah, so my dad died 5:28 that night. It was December twenty-six, 5:29 the day after Christmas, 5:30 and I didn’t even know for two days 5:32 because I was dealing with my mom and I thought, 5:35 oh, my dad must have settled down. 5:36 That’s why he stopped calling. 5:38 Well, in that paranoid state, he shot himself. 5:40 And I found out, I’ll never forget the phone call 5:43 my stepbrother, where I answered the phone. 5:46 I had just gotten home from being with my mom. 5:48 I answered the phone and he just said, 5:51 “I’m sorry, Barbara, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” 5:53 And I remember buckling down, 5:56 going down to my knees 5:58 and just that primal wail, you know, 6:02 because what had happened a year before is my dad, 6:06 who we had been kind of estranged 6:08 by my dad’s choices. 6:11 He came and visited me and we reconciled. 6:15 And although I never saw 6:16 my dad reconcile with Christ 6:18 and unless he had a last minute conversion, 6:21 I, I don’t know. 6:26 Here’s the beautiful thing, though. 6:29 I didn’t take his last call. 6:31 But I don’t, I am not tormented by that. 6:37 And I know as a psychologist, 6:38 so many people would be, 6:40 and I’m going to be honest, 6:41 I had survivor’s guilt. 6:44 But I was able to tell myself in that, 6:46 and the Holy Spirit, 6:47 helped me, He helped me, you know, 6:49 because I was a psychologist, 6:50 I had to grieve by myself a little bit 6:52 because I couldn’t be on Facebook. 6:53 It was suicide. Like, you just can’t- 6:54 CS: Yes, yes. BL: People can’t handle that 6:58 anyway. But He helped me. The Holy Spirit helped me. 7:00 And He, He, He, He helped me to realize 7:04 that even though I feel guilty 7:05 doesn’t mean I am guilty. 7:08 You see, survivor’s guilt is normal, 7:10 but and we can feel guilty 7:13 and it doesn’t mean we are guilty. 7:16 CS: Yeah. 7:17 Yeah, that’s the power of the Gospel, you know, 7:20 and learning to overcome that felt guilt 7:24 and how that felt guilt can transform itself 7:26 into false guilt and the enemy. 7:29 He breeds on how our soul is functioning. 7:33 You know, he can’t change anything about our spirit 7:35 because it becomes brand new when we receive Jesus. 7:37 Yeah, but he can surely mess with our soul, 7:40 you know, 7:41 and cause us to continue to carry the weights. 7:45 And like what you said, survivor’s guilt. 7:47 And, you know, I want us to continue 7:49 to talk more about that. 7:51 But that is a very, very interesting term, 7:54 especially since we, you know, 7:57 people are experiencing 7:59 and have been experiencing a lot of loss 8:01 over the past year or so. 8:03 And, you know, as people experience a loss 8:05 in our environments, 8:06 but as they continue to experience losses 8:08 of all different kinds, 8:10 it can raise up a lot of different feelings. 8:13 And when you are living your life and you know 8:17 that you are a part of connecting with somebody 8:20 like you were connected with your father, 8:21 it is so easy to carry that guilt with us. 8:24 But to not carry it shows 8:27 so much of the overcoming power and victory. 8:30 BL: Ooooh, let me tell you, 8:31 there is supernatural power to live in, 8:35 hope, to live in life to, to you know what? 8:40 One of the things I want to share with you later 8:42 in the show is, 8:43 is how the Holy Spirit spoke to me. 8:45 He gave me a word to stand on that. 8:47 I’m still standing on it. 8:48 I’m telling you, I am not tormented by that. 8:52 Oh, He’s so good. CS: He is good. He is good. 8:55 And I know that there are people watching today. 8:57 And if you’re watching today 8:58 and you’re suffering from survivor’s guilt, 9:01 you’ve been in a relationship 9:02 that’s been very, very important to you 9:04 and you’ve lost somebody that you loved. 9:06 You couldn’t stop it. You couldn’t prevent it. 9:07 There’s a whole lot of reasons 9:09 why we experience guilt. 9:10 Maybe we’re actually involved with something, 9:11 but maybe we have nothing to do with it at all. 9:13 But the enemy puts that guilt upon us. 9:16 And so that’s you today. I want you to stay with us 9:19 because we are going to come back 9:20 and we’re going to talk more with Dr. Barbara 9:22 about how she got over this guilt 9:25 and she became a survivor with no guilt. [Music] 9:29 Stay tuned. We’ll be right back. 9:37 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman 9:38 is an international prophetic voice 9:40 healing minister, author and pastor 9:42 who travels the world 9:44 sharing how to access the heavenly realms 9:46 and live the resurrected life. 9:48 Her passion is to see people healed 9:50 and delivered and come into a knowledge 9:52 of who they are in Christ as royal heirs 9:55 seeded with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:57 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:59 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 10:02 Your faith will increase 10:04 and you will feel the presence of God 10:05 and see miraculous healings. 10:08 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:10 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:13 she offers many classes 10:14 in her school of the supernatural 10:16 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:18 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:21 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:23 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:26 an organization that teaches and trains 10:28 biblical life coaches. Check out her website 10:31 and subscribe to our YouTube channel, 10:33 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:42 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us, 10:44 I’m talking with Dr. Barbara Lowe 10:46 and we’re talking about how not to be tormented 10:48 from your past, 10:49 how to overcome survivor’s guilt or guilt 10:52 that we may have of just about anything through 10:55 the overcoming power of Jesus Christ in Exodus, 10:59 chapter 15, verse twenty-six. 11:01 The Lord speaks about Himself and He says, 11:03 I am the Lord who heals you. 11:06 And in Psalm 36:7 11:08 He says, the psalmist says, 11:10 “How priceless is your unfailing love? 11:12 O God, people take refuge 11:14 in the shadow of your wings.” 11:15 Yes, people do. I do. Barbara does. 11:18 Anybody who’s living and surviving takes refuge 11:22 in the shadow of the Almighty. 11:24 And so we’re talking about your, your father 11:27 and what happened there 11:29 and how you have overcome I mean, 11:33 God has supernaturally healed you 11:35 of this survivor’s guilt. 11:37 And so what are some of the pathways, 11:39 some of the things that the Lord spoke to you 11:41 in order to cause you to be quickened in your soul, 11:43 to be able to move forward? 11:45 BL: One thing that was really powerful 11:47 that the Lord spoke to me 11:48 was that He told me, “Barbara, 11:52 there are some things that only 11:54 I can shoulder in eternal realities 11:59 as far as thinking about where your dad is 12:01 and what’s happening with him. 12:03 It’s a no fishing zone. You are not to go there. 12:06 You are not to think about that 12:08 because you had your dad here on Earth 12:10 and you can rejoice. 12:11 And what you had with your earthly father, 12:13 there was pain there, 12:15 but there was some good there, too.” 12:16 Like when we’re whole, 12:18 we can realize there’s a mixture. 12:19 You know, we can kind of uncouple the good dad 12:22 from the bad dad a little bit 12:23 and realize they’re both there. 12:25 And that’s part of the healing process. 12:26 But He said “That’s a no fishing zone. 12:29 You had him on Earth 12:31 and you’re going to have your heavenly family 12:34 and you can rejoice in this 12:36 and you can rejoice in that. 12:38 And as far as the eternal realities in your dad, 12:40 you’re not to go there. You’re just to live in-” 12:44 I had my earthly father 12:45 and I have my heavenly father 12:47 and I have my heavenly family. 12:49 So I don’t know. And that’s okay. 12:51 You know, when, when I, I had to go 12:53 to his house in Hawaii with my mom, 12:55 I didn’t let her know what had happened 12:56 because she was recovering from surgery 12:58 for stage-two cancer. 13:00 And so I went to his house and I had to clean up 13:03 where he shot himself and stuff. 13:04 It was, it was really hard. 13:06 But I saw the notes that he did from 13:09 when we had been talking so 13:10 I know. I know. 13:11 he knows I shared the gospel with him. 13:13 But there has been there’s been grace 13:16 to not go to those realities. 13:18 And that’s a great gift. 13:20 CS: Yes. Yes. 13:22 You have to know when the Lord is saying, 13:24 I want you to keep your eyes on Me. 13:26 I want you to keep your eyes on Heaven. 13:28 I want to keep your eyes on the fact 13:29 that you’re seated with Me in heavenly places 13:31 and don’t allow yourself to get messed up 13:34 in what’s happening here in the earth realms. 13:37 You know, I mean, it’s natural. 13:38 And we have parent child connections, 13:41 things of that sort that we want to go 13:43 we want to allow ourselves to go to those places. 13:46 But it’s not healthy for us, you know, 13:48 and the Lord wants us to live in, in His presence 13:52 and live in the joy, the peace. 13:54 We can’t do that if we are surrounded by memories 13:57 that are haunting us. 13:59 So what would you tell people today, 14:00 those that are watching 14:02 that have been haunted by memories 14:04 that they cannot get rid of? 14:06 What would you say to them? 14:08 BL: Well, we do need to process our feelings. 14:10 I’m a psychologist. Grief is is a good thing. 14:12 I mean, I was abandoned by both my parents there. 14:15 They have both passed away. 14:16 Now, I’ve been through unfortunately, 14:19 I married into the pattern twice. 14:20 I’ve been through two divorces 14:22 that I didn’t want. Married two Christian men 14:24 who could not love me, who were unfaithful. 14:27 So, that happened. 14:28 I’ve lost- I’ve had a full term stillborn. 14:30 So I’ve had things happen in my life. 14:32 So, I do, I do feel like I have some authority, 14:35 both as a psychologist and from life experiences 14:38 to speak to this. And we do need to agree. 14:40 We need to feel those feelings. 14:42 But Jesus never came to any person and said, 14:46 “You know, if only that hadn’t happened 14:48 or if only I’d done that.” 14:50 Or, you know, it’s always look forward, 14:52 look forward. 14:53 I mean, one of the hardest things was all 14:55 I ever wanted was to have this beautiful family 14:58 that I didn’t have growing up. 15:00 And my kids saw me go through two divorces 15:03 and, but Jesus, 15:05 when I bring my kids to Jesus, 15:07 He never says, “Well, if only,” He says, 15:10 “Eyes forward, honey, eyes forward, 15:12 because I have so many good things for you.” 15:14 And I am now happily married to the man 15:16 who used to be my pastor 15:17 and he’s known me for thirty years 15:19 and who’s seen me when I was hot off 15:21 the struggle bus like being drug in. 15:23 Right. I mean they used to have 15:24 what to do about Barbara meetings. 15:25 That’s how bad messed up I was. 15:28 So, I’m loved, I’m known, but I’m here to say 15:33 that I know that no matter what you’ve been through, 15:37 no matter what you’ve lost, 15:38 no matter who’s abandoned you, 15:40 that you can feel so loved and so much at peace. 15:45 CS: Yes.His grace is sufficient as far as power 15:48 is made perfect in weakness. 15:50 And that’s the amazing thing, 15:51 is that when we’re weak His grace is greater. 15:55 Wherever you’re at right now in your weaknesses, 15:57 just rest in the fact that there is enough grace 16:01 for what you’re going through right now. 16:03 There is enough of His peace. 16:05 There is enough of who He is to overcome every area 16:09 that feels like it’s less than 16:11 or that it’s insecure or that’s not whole. 16:15 You know, nothing missing, nothing broken is 16:18 Shalom or Sozo. 16:20 Right?! Salvation, deliverance, healing. 16:23 And so if you are watching us today 16:26 and you’re suffering from this level 16:29 of intensity with guilt, 16:31 you know that your guilt and condemnation 16:33 went on the cross with Jesus, 16:35 that means you are stamped not guilty, 16:40 you are not guilty. 16:41 And so you need to tell the devil 16:43 that he has no authority here 16:45 and he can not torment you. 16:47 No torment is allowed. 16:50 See if we give the enemy access 16:52 though, he’ll take it. 16:53 Won’t he Dr. Barbara? BL: Yes. 16:54 He’s looking for that place of agreement. 16:57 We know we live- Katie Souza, 16:58 our friend, teaches on the enemy with Legion. 17:01 That Legion said, “Jesus, you’re tormenting me 17:04 because I can find no place of agreement 17:06 with you.” CS: Yes! 17:07 BL: The enemy, When we look at the spirit realm, 17:09 the spirit realm is always 17:10 looking to give birth through humans. 17:11 like even like with the [unintelligible] 17:13 and I mean the Holy Spirit. 17:16 The Spirit realm loves to give birth through us. 17:19 And so we want to always align with the Spirit. 17:22 But I want to say you can be more of 17:24 than not tormented. 17:26 You could be full of a longing, full of love. 17:28 I mean, I know we talked about this. 17:31 We’re talking about supernatural here, 17:33 but I know what I’m feeling 17:35 and living is supernatural because anyone 17:38 who went through what I’ve gone through 17:40 should not feel this much peace. 17:43 This much love. This much hope. 17:45 CS: Yes. BL: This much purpose. 17:47 CS: Yes. And it’s true 17:49 that God supernaturally delivered you. 17:51 However, we also know, okay, 17:53 if you don’t get some specific touch 17:55 from Heaven, you can touch yourself 17:57 with the living Word of God, 18:00 the living Word of God. 18:01 Spoken to yourself, just picking up the Word of God 18:05 in reading it like in Mark Chapter 18:07 five verses thirty to thirty two to thirty four. 18:10 We we understand about the woman 18:12 with the issue of blood 18:13 and the words specifically the woman’s faith 18:16 made her whole, right. 18:18 And that word whole is [unintelligible], right. 18:21 It made her whole. But what faith. 18:23 So having faith in God, 18:25 faith in what Jesus has done for us 18:27 is enough to shut out the enemy. 18:29 BL: Yes. CS: Our soul, our mind, 18:32 our will, and our emotions come in agreement 18:33 with the Word of God. We work the Word of God, 18:35 and then we find deliverance for ourselves. 18:38 BL: Yes, hmm-mm. CS: So, we can have self 18:40 deliverance. And so whether or not you receive 18:42 a supernatural touch from God 18:44 and we are going to pray that you do, for sure. 18:45 BL: You will. CS: You can activate 18:49 the supernatural healing of God 18:50 simply by activating the Word of God, 18:53 and you can get healing for yourself in that area. 18:56 The Lord does not want you to carry guilt, 18:59 shame, depression, fear, anxiety. 19:04 He doesn’t want you to carry any of those things. 19:05 But sometimes we have to work the Word. 19:07 BL: Oh, so much. 19:09 CS: Until we see the outcome, that’s for sure. 19:11 So, we want to make sure that we bring you 19:14 to that place where you leave this program 19:16 knowing that you’ve been saved, 19:19 healed and delivered. And so when we come back, 19:22 we’re going to pray with you. 19:23 We’re going to pray with you 19:25 for supernatural healing, 19:26 for a release of angels to come 19:29 and be with you right where you’re at. 19:31 The Lord wants you to live in fullness, in wholeness, 19:34 in a deep and abiding relationship with Him. 19:37 [Music] So stay tuned and we’ll be right back. 19:47 [Muisc]>> Are you in need of personal counseling 19:49 or coaching or would like 19:50 some direction and encouragement? 19:53 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 19:55 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 19:58 and she wants to mentor you 20:00 in her School of the Supernatural. 20:02 Dr. Candicce will teach you through her E-courses, 20:04 books and many other additional resources 20:07 that will help you strategize 20:09 and release Heaven 20:10 in every area of your life. 20:12 Her classes on the supernatural 20:14 will equip you to live in the heavenly realms 20:16 on a daily basis. You can also schedule 20:19 some personal time with Dr. Candice, 20:21 where she will encourage and pray for you 20:24 in private 45 minute sessions 20:26 to help you walk through personal issues 20:28 in your life 20:29 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 20:32 Visit her website for all of her resources 20:35 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice 20:37 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 20:52 [Music] CS: I’m so glad that you stayed with us, 20:53 because we’re going to pray you through 20:55 to victory, 20:57 today is going to be wonderful to see 20:59 that guilt just fall off of you 21:01 and you can enter in to that deep 21:03 and abiding relationship with the Lord 21:05 and that place of freedom. So, Doctor Barbara, 21:07 can you walk us through some steps of healing? 21:09 What are some of the things 21:10 that you actually did or how you help others 21:14 to actually get through this survivor’s guilt? 21:16 BL: Yeah, even this morning I was reading Isaiah 21:18 53:5, and in the Passion translation 21:21 because I’m so passionate about the Holy Spirit 21:24 and Father and Jesus, they’re my favorites. 21:27 But anyway, 21:28 it says that “In His wounds we became whole.” 21:30 And there’s almost like this connotation of us 21:33 laying into those wounds, 21:35 like I love to cuddle with God 21:36 and sometimes I’ll even imagine 21:38 cuddling into His wounds. 21:40 And in the note, it talks about that through oneness 21:43 with Him, we become whole. 21:46 But we have these different parts of self. 21:47 We have adult parts of self, child, 21:49 parts of self. We have the inner critic, 21:51 which is like kind of like a manager 21:52 to that kind of man is just to not be rejected. 21:55 And we have these parts that are unsanctified 21:58 and we grow in that sanctification process 22:00 by bringing these parts to the Lord 22:02 and letting these parts become one with Him. 22:06 It’s not a one time thing. 22:07 We also bring Him into these memories. 22:09 So, I can bring Him back into this memory 22:11 with my dad 22:13 or, or getting the call and not taking the call. 22:15 And I can go back there with him. 22:17 I can ask him, what are you saying? 22:18 What were you doing? 22:20 And He shows me I can even have an experience 22:23 with him that is different from what I actually had, 22:26 where He almost gives me a redo, a restoration, 22:29 and that lies and just lays into something 22:31 called my implicit memory, 22:33 where I can have a different felt sense. 22:35 There have been times where I’ve told Him, 22:37 you know, my life wasn’t that bad 22:39 and He’s like. “What?” 22:41 But because, it’s because sometimes I forget 22:45 because of the felt sense of what He’s given me. 22:48 CS: Okay, now I just want to share with the viewers 22:52 this self or the different parts of the self 22:54 is really the different parts of the soul. 22:55 So we talk about the mind, the will and the emotions. 22:57 It’s the way the mind will hold on 22:59 to specific memories. 23:01 All right. And we sometimes fragment. 23:04 Our memories are kind of fragmented 23:06 into different compartments. 23:07 And so Dr. Barbara is really sharing with us 23:10 about how to deal 23:11 with these kind of different compartments. 23:12 So just share a kind of a quick example 23:15 of somebody who may have lost their father. 23:17 Like I lost my father as a child 23:19 and I suffered greatly from it. 23:20 And I didn’t actually have guilt associated 23:23 with that, but I had lost. 23:24 So, how would you walk me through bringing my memory 23:27 into that place of fullness? 23:28 BL: Well, there are a lot of different ways 23:30 to work with memory. 23:31 And I trained in a couple of different ways. 23:33 But one way that we could work with memory 23:35 is let’s say you’re, let’s say you’re having a moment 23:37 where you felt really lonely 23:39 in an interaction with your husband. 23:40 And I might say, well, tell me about 23:42 how that feels in your body. 23:44 So you would imagine 23:46 how that how that feels in your body. 23:47 Perhaps you say, I feel alone. 23:49 I feel like almost like my skin is aching. 23:52 I feel like an empty cavern on the inside. 23:54 And I would say, now scroll back 23:57 on that memory to just not on the memory, 24:00 but actually in the felt sense in your body 24:02 to a time you felt that before, 24:04 maybe a real salient time in your childhood. 24:07 So let’s say we scroll down on Web pages. 24:09 We were we’re going to scroll down on that 24:10 felt sense, that feeling. 24:12 You know, God gave us feelings. 24:13 He has feelings. And and in this case, 24:17 the feeling is giving us information. 24:19 So let’s scroll back on that. 24:20 And let’s say we land to a time 24:22 where you’re sitting in your room 24:24 and sometimes the Lord will help me with this, 24:26 will give me some prophecy. 24:27 But actually see you sitting in your room 24:29 with your legs crossed and you looking down, 24:30 you’re sitting on the floor. 24:32 But in this normal thing, 24:34 sometimes God might give me a word, 24:35 but but you probably would see yourself somewhere. 24:38 So let’s say that you saw yourself 24:40 sitting cross-legged and you’re crying 24:42 or you just feel really lost and really alone. 24:45 And then we’ll welcome we can welcome 24:47 a couple things into that place. 24:48 First of all, we definitely 24:50 want to welcome in the Holy Spirit, 24:52 Jesus, Father, 24:54 I have found that Christians, 24:55 even Christians who really love God, 24:57 filled with the spirit, are comfortable 24:59 with different, more comfortable 25:00 with certain parts of the Godhead. 25:01 So when we’re working with the most vulnerable parts, 25:04 we want to bring in the part 25:06 that they’re most comfortable with. 25:07 So let’s say you’re most comfortable 25:09 with the Holy Spirit. I know you love all three. 25:11 They’re three and one, but let’s say the Holy Spirit. 25:14 So we bring in the Holy Spirit. 25:15 We might even say, do you want some angels there? 25:17 Right. So we’re giving you an experience 25:20 where God is speaking to you. 25:21 We might ask God to speak with you. 25:24 Now, some of my clients and students 25:26 might be more aware, more able to hear him in. 25:29 Like, if you were my if we were working together, 25:32 you, you have a strong you’ve practiced that. 25:35 CS: Yes. But so, sometimes 25:36 I might even model you know, I wonder 25:38 if the Holy Spirit might be saying, 25:40 “Oh, sweet baby girl, it’s okay. 25:42 I’m with you and your daddy.” Right? 25:44 So we might do a little bit of role, 25:47 play a role, play an image. 25:48 Yes. We can also bring in parts of 25:51 self from the self. like I- 25:55 Well, I’m a good psychologist, right? 25:56 I’m at least decent, 25:58 and that’s a well developed part of self. 25:59 So when, when I work with my own self, 26:02 I can bring in my psychologist, 26:04 part of self. 26:06 One of the things I’ve realized along the way 26:07 is, I not only have God, but I have me. 26:10 And that might sound like the flesh, 26:12 but I grew up not feeling like I had anyone, 26:14 including myself. 26:16 And God has given me back as a resource, 26:19 you know, as I’ve been made in His image 26:20 and conform more to His image. 26:22 And so we can bring in, 26:23 there’s also this nurturing parts of self 26:25 to learn how to talk to yourself different 26:27 and be with those parts. 26:29 CS: Okay, this is good. 26:31 So, I know as you’re listening 26:33 Dr. Barbara share, she’s also sharing 26:35 from a very psychological place, 26:37 but we want to bring it to the place of supernatural. 26:40 I want to bring it to that place 26:41 of really helping you at home, 26:43 be where you’re at. 26:44 So we’re going to pray you through some pain 26:47 that you’re having in your life. 26:49 Dr. Barbara, you join me 26:50 as we pray for the people tonight. 26:53 So if you’re feeling this pain 26:54 anywhere in your heart, 26:56 I want you to begin to articulate that pain, 26:58 whatever that is. 26:59 Lord, I’m sad about this. I’m upset about this. 27:03 And let’s invite the Holy Spirit 27:05 to come to you right where you’re at. 27:06 We’re going to invite the angels to come 27:08 and join you right where you’re at so that 27:10 you were able to be set free in this moment. 27:12 So, Dr. Barbara, I’m going to have you pray 27:14 a very simple prayer 27:15 just like that to release the people. 27:17 BL: I sense the Lord has given me the story 27:19 of Lazarus right now. 27:20 And with Lazarus, He cleared everyone away 27:22 and He was just dealing with one dead thing. 27:25 And so, I want you to have one thing. 27:27 And the Lord is about to speak life to this thing. 27:29 And this is the scripture He’s given me. 27:31 So I’m going to speak to that thing that feels dead 27:34 and feels broken to come alive again. 27:36 All right. 27:37 So in Jesus Name, you take that one thing. 27:39 Don’t keep up a pile of things. 27:40 Just that one big thing. And in Jesus Name, 27:43 right now, we speak life, we speak hope, 27:46 we speak wholeness into that one thing right now 27:49 in the Name of Jesus, we tell you to arise. 27:53 We tell dead dreams to arise. 27:55 We tell broken places to be whole 27:57 and to take the death clothes off. 27:59 Right now, in Jesus Name. 28:01 CS: Father, we just praise and we thank you 28:03 that we are receiving Your supernatural healing. 28:05 We are surrounded by Your supernatural 28:08 heavenly hosts Father. And we thank you. 28:10 Bringing us to that place of wholeness and healing. 28:13 I want to hear from you. [Music] 28:14 Reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:17 Go to DrBarbaraLowe.com 28:18 and reach out to Dr. Barbara. 28:21 We will see you later. 28:22 God bless. [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Barbara Lowe share a revelation on shutting off tormenting thoughts.

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