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Transcript 0:01 CS: What kind of prayers resurrect from the dead? 0:04 What kind of agreement in prayer 0:06 must we have to see miracles take place? 0:09 Join me and my guest as we talk about 0:12 resurrecting from the dead. 0:16 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward 0:18 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:23 Today is your day to change your life 0:26 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:29 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:31 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:39 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:41 I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman, 0:43 and today we’re going to be talking 0:44 about resurrecting from the dead. 0:46 Yes. Oh, my gosh, what a concept. 0:48 It means that if you have been dead, 0:51 you can be alive in Christ when you come to know 0:53 Jesus as your Lord and Savior. It means if 0:55 you have dead places in your life, through prayer, 0:58 you can resurrect those dead places to come alive. 1:02 It also means literally, 1:03 if someone were to die in the earth realm, then 1:07 the prayer and agreement of prayer 1:09 would resurrect them from the dead. 1:11 We’re going to focus today, though, on my guest, Lisa Perna. 1:15 She’s a TV host with “Touched by Prayer.” 1:18 She has a Signs, Miracles, and Wonders Ministry. 1:22 And she is going to talk to us 1:23 about resurrecting from the dead, 1:25 from the place of people in comas. 1:28 Now, this is really, really important 1:30 because if someone’s in a comatose state, 1:32 they are often on life support. 1:35 They don’t have any conscious recognition. 1:38 They are literally having external life 1:41 pumped into them in order for them to live at all. 1:44 And Lisa’s had multiple encounters. 1:46 It’s as though she’s got an anointing 1:49 when it comes to this particular area 1:51 where people who are in comas, 1:54 the Lord is connected her with them 1:55 and they’ve come to a prayer of agreement 1:58 and then they’ve seen the person rise from the coma. 2:02 And so there’s some special things 2:04 I want you to learn in today’s program 2:06 about how we can take these principles 2:08 and literally resurrect ourselves from dead places 2:11 that are in our life. 2:13 Well, I want to hear all about these testimonies. 2:16 You have multiple ones but just pick the one 2:18 that you feel is best to share. 2:20 LP: Okay, so I have had three different encounters 2:26 praying for people who were in comas, from my house. 2:29 It wasn’t like I went to the hospital. 2:32 I was just sitting at my house, once. 2:34 Ah, two of them were on my deck 2:36 and one was in my living room. But it was really interesting 2:40 because the Father really called me to call them 2:44 because we need to be the hands and the feet 2:46 and sometimes the mouthpiece of God. 2:49 And so when He calls us to call things to life, 2:53 that’s what we need to do, okay? 2:56 CS: Yes, we do. “We need to call what is not as though it were.” 2:59 If it looks like it’s dead, 3:00 if it looks like it’s, it’s dying, 3:03 we need to speak life to it. 3:05 Because when you speak, when you declare and decree life, 3:08 then you begin to see the miraculous happen. 3:11 And there’s always dead places in our life 3:13 and certain places in your life seem dead. 3:15 They seem stagnant. They seem hindered by enemy forces. 3:18 But when we come forth and we pray 3:20 and we prophesy to those areas, we see life. 3:23 LP:Absolutely. CS: Now, you had an encounter 3:25 with somebody where you came into agreement. 3:28 Okay, let’s talk about the power of agreement in prayer, 3:31 because we’re two or more come together and they pray. 3:35 That’s where the Lord says, “I am with you 3:37 and I will hear your prayer.” 3:39 LP: Well, what happened is, I’m in a group chat 3:41 with a bunch of people 3:42 and I got a text in this group and she says, 3:45 “Can you all pray for me? Because I have a friend 3:48 whose daughter’s been in the coma for two weeks 3:50 and she has a five percent chance of survival.” 3:52 So I immediately felt, “Yeah, pray with you! 3:56 And if you want me to pray with you, let me know.” 3:59 And she immediately calls me on the phone. 4:01 I said, “Okay, so let’s start praying.’ 4:04 And as we start to pray, I felt, oh, we’re going to Heaven 4:09 and hell, which is such a strange concept for her 4:12 because she’s never been. And I thought, 4:14 well, we’re probably going to the courts of Heaven 4:17 because sometimes there’s a legality, you know, 4:20 is it legalist? CS: Yes. LP: 4:21 Sometimes we have to fight things in the courtroom. 4:25 CS: Amen. 4:25 LP: But what happened is I said, Okay, we’re going to go 4:26 to heaven. Are you ready?” 4:28 And she said, “Okay!” Well, we didn’t go to the courtroom. 4:32 We went to a meadow. It was this beautiful meadow in Heaven. 4:37 And I saw Jesus. 4:39 And He was walking with this young girl. 4:41 And I said to the girl that we’re praying for 4:44 because I didn’t know her. 4:45 I said, does she have like this, like color? 4:48 Does she have like a brownish hair? 4:50 And she says, “Actually, she’s a blond. 4:51 She’s like a dirty blond.” And I said, “Oh, okay.” 4:55 So, she said, “Do you see a dog, a black and white dog?” 4:58 And I was like, “No,” but I was looking up. Right? 5:01 So I said, “Well, let me look down.” 5:02 So I looked down and sure enough, there was a dog. 5:04 And I said, “Is the dog like a cocker spaniel, a black and 5:07 white dog?” And she goes, “That’s about the size of it.” 5:10 I said, “Okay, so we are now in agreement.” 5:12 We’re seeing the same thing. 5:14 So as we continue, I start to hear 5:17 Jesus having a conversation with this girl. 5:20 And what I heard was she was telling Him how she knew 5:26 that she had to go back, but she didn’t want to go back 5:29 because she’s with Jesus, she’s in Heaven. 5:32 But she also knew that going back to earth 5:35 meant going back into a mortal body, 5:37 going back into a body tha. 5:39 has been in a coma, going back into a body 5:41 that was going to have to go through different types 5:45 of occupational therapy 5:48 to really learn how to do things, 5:50 and she didn’t know if she could do it. 5:52 But when I heard the Lord say, what I heard 5:54 Jesus say to her, He said, “I’m going to be with you. 5:58 I’m going to be with you every step of the way.” 6:01 And He said, “And you will fully recover,” He says, 6:04 “But each of the, everything that you overcome,” 6:08 He said, “Are going to bring people close to me.” 6:13 And at that, I was back with my friend talking over the phone 6:18 and I told her exactly what I saw, 6:20 but then I started to have words of knowledge 6:22 of the condition of this young girl. 6:25 And I started to say that she had no internal injuries. 6:28 But I do see that she has these two, 6:31 like bars that are next to her foot. 6:33 She goes, “Yes, it keeps her leg stable 6:35 because she broke her femur. 6:36 That’s the only thing that broke.” 6:38 And then I said “And I see her, 6:40 she’s staring into, straight ahead. 6:44 And then I see her staring straight ahead. 6:46 But then I see her eyes turn to the right.” 6:50 And she sent me a picture of this young girl 6:53 and her eyes were wide open, but there was nobody home. 6:58 And so they took this picture. 6:59 There was no life in this beautiful young lady 7:02 of 18 years old. 7:03 So I said, “Okay, so let’s start breaking off that fear. 7:07 Let’s come into agreement 7:08 because we have authority here on Earth 7:10 and we’re going to break off that fear.” 7:12 So we started to pray. We started to break off fear. 7:15 And then something happened. 7:18 The mother of the girl that we were praying 7:20 for calls my friend. So, she goes, “Hold on a second. 7:24 This is the mother.” Like, this is crazy. 7:27 So, now I’m praying. And what happened is she said, 7:32 “Can I put you through so she can access?” 7:34 And so now the three of us, 7:36 the mother who has the authority over her daughter. 7:38 CS: Yes. 7:40 LP: And the friend who’s coming into agreement 7:42 with the mother and then the third party. 7:44 And so what I started to tell her, she goes, 7:46 “Tell her what you told me,” because at this point, 7:50 the mother lost her hope, the mother lost her hope. 7:54 And every mother will stand and stand and stand. 7:58 But there comes a point 7:59 where every voice that keeps telling you, “It’s over!” 8:03 CS: Yes. 8:05 LP: You have to just come into agreement with 8:07 it. But she had that little shred of hope. 8:10 And so we were going to ignite a fire 8:12 that was going to light up her hope. 8:14 So, what happened is she said that “She was calling her friend 8:18 because the hospital had said there was nothing more 8:21 that they could do for the daughter 8:23 and she needed to make long term decisions 8:26 because there was nothing they can do. 8:27 And she needed to be transferred out by, 8:30 and she needed to have a decision 8:31 by four o’clock that afternoon.” 8:34 So, God already had it set up for that day, for that time. 8:40 So, what happened is I started to then pray 8:44 and I saw as we were praying, 8:46 I saw the young girl turned to Jesus and hug Him goodbye. 8:51 She made up her mind to come home. 8:55 So, we are still praying. And I said, 8:57 “Oh, my goodness, she’s coming back. She’s coming back today.” 9:02 So now I see her saying goodbye to Jesus and she’s coming home. 9:05 So, now now I’m like, all right, game on. 9:07 We are going to decree and declare that she comes home. 9:10 We broke off every spirit of death. 9:11 We broke every single word curse 9:13 that was spoken over this situation. 9:15 We spoke against every single thing 9:17 that the doctor said that she would have brain damage. 9:19 And we said that she will fully recover. 9:22 But then I prophesied into her Candice. 9:25 CS: Okay, now, I want you to hold that thought. LP: Okay. 9:27 CS: Okay, because we’re going to have to come back 9:31 to hear the rest of this story. Now, this is amazing. 9:35 So stay tuned and we’re going to be right back 9:37 to talk more about 9:39 resurrecting from comas. [Music] 9:47 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international prophetic 9:51 voice, healing minister, author and pastor 9:53 who travels the world 9:55 sharing how to access the heavenly realms 9:57 and lived the resurrected life. 9:59 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 10:02 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 10:04 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms, 10:08 she believes everyone can access Heaven 10:10 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 10:13 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 10:16 and see miraculous healings. 10:19 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:21 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:24 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:27 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:29 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:32 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:34 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:37 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:41 Check out her website 10:42 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:44 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:54 CS: Okay, I’m so glad you stayed with us. 10:56 I know you’re holding onto your seat right now 10:57 because she is getting ready to finish the story. 11:01 It’s an amazing story about resurrection 11:03 from comas, seeing into Heaven, seeing animals in Heaven. 11:08 I mean, this is intense. So begin to pray and prophesy. 11:12 What were these agreements that you made in order 11:16 for this girl to come out of this coma? 11:17 LP: Well, because God knows us 11:20 and He knows everything about us, 11:21 but we also have a destiny, He says, 11:23 “And I know the plans I have for you.” 11:25 So one of the things that I believe the prophetic does 11:28 is it sets things into motion. 11:30 And so what I found out is I heard the Lord say 11:34 that because I knew from earlier in our conversation. 11:40 That this young girl in high school 11:42 didn’t like people to sit alone at school, at lunches, 11:45 so it was like on her heart that people shouldn’t be alone. 11:49 And so what I started to prophesy 11:51 was because of this injury, 11:53 that she was going to bring people to meet Jesus 11:55 so that they would never be alone again. 11:58 CS: Come on. 11:59 So you prophesied her destiny, 12:02 which was written in the Scrolls of Heaven. 12:04 LP: Right. 12:05 CS: And did you see those scrolls come forth? 12:07 LP: Well, we’re going to! CS: Okay. 12:08 LP: We are going to because the doctors 12:09 are already saying it’s a- well 12:12 okay, I’m jumping ahead. When I started to prophesy, 12:15 I started to say that this woman, 12:18 this young girl was going to go out 12:21 and because of the things that she goes through, 12:23 that she was going to be a testimony 12:26 to the goodness of God, 12:27 that they were going to encounter Jesus 12:29 and that they would never be alone 12:31 because they would have a relationship with God and Jesus 12:35 because of what she went through. 12:37 when the mother heard that she got so excited 12:40 and she said, “Did you know that my daughter was in high school, 12:44 that it hurt her for people to be alone? 12:46 In fact, she started something in her high school 12:49 that it was, you will not sit alone 12:51 because she didn’t want people sitting alone at lunch.” 12:55 But God started to do it, 12:56 said, “Not only are you going to do that for high school, 12:59 but you’re going to do that for the rest of your life 13:01 and you are going to bring people 13:02 into a relationship with Me 13:04 so that they will never be alone again.” 13:07 CS: So you then began to prophesy her destiny. 13:10 LP: Correct. CS: And that is extremely 13:13 powerful, because when we know and understand 13:15 what’s been written in the Scrolls of Heaven about it, 13:17 or when God deposits that in someone about us 13:20 or, in us about somebody else, 13:23 and we can come into agreement that this is true 13:25 and that it’s been written, 13:27 we set into motion what has already been ordained before, 13:30 the foundation of the world. 13:32 You talk about timelines and that’s a timeline 13:35 where we’re saying God said it and so it shall come to pass. 13:37 And so you begin to step into this realm literally 13:40 was a realm of prophecy. It was a realm of life 13:43 where you were able to to take what was written 13:47 because God had deposited in you and declared it and decree it. 13:51 Now, what happened after that? 13:52 LP: Well, what we said after I said those things to her, 13:56 the mother got excited again and another seed of hope was put in. 14:00 And so she started to see that there is now a prophecy 14:04 about her daughter to fulfill something. 14:08 And so what we started to do is we started to decree and declare 14:12 that she was going to wake up today. 14:15 CS: Wow. LP: And so that’s what we did. 14:17 And so at three forty five, 14:19 I got a text that she grabbed her mother’s hand. 14:23 CS: Oh, my Gosh! LP: The same day! 14:26 Candice, from that morning, she was in a coma, 14:27 but at three forty five, before the four o’clock deadline, 14:31 she woke up from her coma. 14:33 She wasn’t fully awake, but 13 days later, 14:37 she was saying, “Hi!” She was counting to five. 14:39 She’s in physical therapy right now. 14:42 She isn’t speaking full sentences, 14:45 but they have tested her. 14:47 The doctors have looked at the what the other doctors saw 14:51 because she’s now in a step-down unit. 14:54 And they said this is not the same girl. 14:56 This is I think that, this was a different person 14:59 or that they misdiagnosed her because it’s impossible 15:03 what they were saying here to what she is now. 15:06 They said she is a miracle. 15:09 CS: Lisa, how long was this young girl in this coma? 15:12 LP: She was in this coma for two weeks 15:15 and she had a five percent chance of recovery. 15:18 She- we put that time and we said that she was going to 15:22 come back by three forty five. I had to say. 15:27 I couldn’t say to that mother 15:29 that your daughter is coming back unless 15:31 I knew for a fact that her daughter was coming back, 15:35 and so I said to her, “Your daughter is coming back.” 15:38 But before I sent the text, I said, “Poppa, 15:42 you have to show me.” 15:44 And so that’s when He took me to Heaven for the third time. 15:46 And I saw just Jesus and the dog. [Laughs] 15:49 CS: That is so awesome. 15:51 I know you all are so excited hearing this testimony 15:56 and it’s really powerful right now, 15:58 even here in the studio. 16:00 I want you to begin to pray for people 16:02 that want to see resurrection in their own life, 16:05 because there is, there’s a theme here, 16:07 and it’s about the fact that every time that a prayer 16:11 was said or a prophecy was spoken, hope rose. 16:16 In other words, it began to increase in that room 16:20 when this was taking place. As hope begins to increase. 16:23 We grab a hold of what Heaven 16:24 is really saying about the situation. 16:28 And when you say what Heaven is really saying 16:30 about the situation, then the situation on earth 16:32 can be completely changed as a result. 16:35 And so God is good and He loves us 16:38 and He always has a good planned purpose and destiny for us. 16:42 And so I want you to pray for the people right now. 16:44 We have just a couple of minutes and of course, 16:46 we’ll be coming back for more activations, 16:48 but begin to pray now. 16:50 lP: So, I want you to know 16:51 that you were called to heavenly places. 16:54 It says that you have a Christ-like mind 16:56 and it says just like in Revelations 16:58 where, you know, Jesus spoke to John, 17:00 He said, “Come up here, let me show you amazing things.” 17:03 See, we have been taught that we can’t go, but we can. 17:07 That’s a lie. We are seated in heavenly places with Jesus. 17:10 So we have a Christ-like mind. We’re able to see what He sees. 17:14 We’re able to hear what He hears. 17:16 These are parts of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 17:18 So, if there is something in your life that you feel is dead, 17:22 start prophesying into it, start speaking life to it, 17:25 but more importantly, come out of agreement 17:27 with what everybody else is saying. 17:29 It’s what we come into agreement with. 17:31 So, I just want you to know and just I want you 17:33 just to say to the Father, “Father, forgive me, 17:36 forgive me for believing the lies of the enemy. 17:39 Lord, I just ask You just to release me 17:41 and I just break every single lie 17:43 that’s been spoken against my promises. 17:45 And Lord, I speak hope and I speak life 17:48 and I speak truth into the situation 17:50 because, Lord, 17:51 it says that on your throne you sit and you laugh. 17:54 So Lord, I just take that joy, that joy that is up in Heaven 17:58 because there is nothing too big. 18:00 And I pull that down and I start to speak and prophesy 18:03 into the things that you have decreed and declared. 18:06 And I thank You, Jesus. 18:08 And I thank You for what You did because You have given me 18:11 the authority to do all of these things!” 18:15 CS: In Jesus Name! LP: In Jesus Name! 18:18 CS: Oh, wow. That is so amazing. 18:21 Yes. I hope that you are rising right now. 18:24 Help is rising on the inside of you 18:26 and we have more to share. 18:28 We’re going to be doing some more teaching 18:30 and more activations when we come back. 18:32 So I want you to stay tuned so you can continue to learn 18:35 how to [Music] resurrect these 18:38 dead places in your life. 18:47 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 18:50 coaching or would like some direction 18:51 and encouragement? 18:52 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 18:55 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 18:57 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the Supernatural. 19:01 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 19:04 books and many other additional resources 19:07 that will help you strategize and release Heaven 19:09 in every area of your life. 19:12 Her classes on the supernatural will equip you 19:14 to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 19:18 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. Candice 19:21 where she will encourage and pray for you 19:24 in private 45 minute sessions 19:26 to help you walk through personal issues in your life 19:29 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 19:32 Visit her website for all of her resources 19:34 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 19:38 Instagram and YouTube. [Music] 19:51 CS: Well, I’m so glad you stayed with us, 19:53 because this has been an amazing show on resurrection 19:57 from the dead, resurrecting dead places, 19:59 coming into agreement in prayer, declaring, decreeing 20:02 and prophesying what the scrolls of Heaven say 20:06 so that we see a resurrection in our life. 20:09 And Lisa, I just want to attest to the fact that that testimony 20:12 that you gave about the young woman 20:14 that was resurrected from the coma, 20:15 I myself have been caught up to heaven. 20:17 I know what it’s like to be in the presence of the Lord 20:21 in that place and that space and not wanting to come back. 20:25 I share that testimony in my book, 20:27 “Releasing Heaven: Creating Supernatural Environments 20:29 Your Heavenly Encounters.” 20:31 I’ve also seen the mansion, table in Heaven, 20:33 the, the royal table in Heaven, 20:35 the mansion, so much to what is there. 20:38 And the Lord loves us so much. 20:40 And so I know that that testimony has encouraged 20:43 so many people. Now you have a, a four step process. 20:49 And I want you to talk quickly. 20:51 And share with us this four step process 20:53 that people can engage in in order 20:56 to begin to see these miraculous things happen. 20:58 I see the resurrection from comas 21:00 or see resurrection from dead places in their life. 21:02 What should they do? 21:03 LP: Well, a couple of things 21:05 is that they first have to understand and agree 21:08 with the fact that they are allowed to go to Heaven. 21:11 We’ve been told so many times that we can’t 21:13 or we have to wait until we die. 21:15 But if you look at the disciples, they all 21:17 went to Heaven, including John, the apostle John. 21:21 So, with that, it’s sometimes coming out of agreement 21:24 with what man has said. 21:26 So sometimes there’s a repentance where we say, 21:29 “I repent for agreeing and believing the lie 21:33 that I can’t go to Heaven.” CS: That’s good. 21:37 LP: Then we have to activate our senses. 21:39 We, we have been given spiritual senses 21:42 just like we have five natural senses. 21:44 We have five spiritual senses. 21:46 So we have the ability to see in the Spirit, 21:48 to hear in the Spirit, to taste and Spirit, 21:50 smell in the Spirit and touch and Spirit. 21:52 So we have to activate those, those different 21:55 spiritual senses inside of us. 21:57 And so when we go into Heaven, our spirit goes. 22:02 It’s not our physical body. 22:03 And I think people need to understand that. 22:05 Like if I say, I had a heavenly encounter, 22:09 I had it when my actual body was sitting on the couch. 22:13 So it’s just our spirit. 22:15 So we have to also give permission for our spirit 22:19 to go to Heaven. So, that’s the second step. 22:21 So, we come out of agreement with what the church says, 22:24 repent for what people have said that we can’t do. 22:28 We come into agreement with what God says that we can do. 22:31 We give ourselves permission to go 22:34 and do what God has called us to do. 22:36 And we also want to say that we have a Christlike mind. 22:40 So anything that we see, we are seeing through the eyes 22:44 and through the vision of what Jesus sees. 22:47 So, if we can see Jesus and we can encounter 22:50 Jesus, when we can also see what He sees, 22:54 CS: That’s so good. We have been given the mind of Christ. 22:58 And when you pray and ask the Lord 22:59 to sanctify your mind before giving permission and agreeing 23:05 that you can go to heavenly places in your Spirit, 23:08 when you begin to go through that process, 23:10 the Lord will open up ways for you to enter 23:14 into those portals. There’s open heaven portals 23:17 so that you can have those experiences. 23:18 And we experience through dreams, through visions, 23:21 a variety of different ways that we experience 23:25 Heaven in a moment. 23:26 Now, I want to read the scripture 23:27 because you brought up the Apostle John in Revelation, 23:30 Chapter four, verses one and two. The Apostle John said 23:35 “After this I looked and there before me was a door 23:38 standing open in Heaven. In the voice I had first heard 23:40 speaking to me like a trumpet and said, 23:43 ‘Come up here and I will show you what must take place 23:47 after this.’ At once I was in this Spirit, 23:50 and there before me was a throne in Heaven 23:52 with someone sitting on it.” 23:54 And so we know that that in accordance 23:57 with what was said in Revelation by the apostle John, 24:00 we can come up to where the Lord is at now. 24:04 Technically, you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, 24:07 and that’s Ephesians chapter two, verse six. 24:09 So we’re already seated with Him. 24:11 We have already ascended with Him to that place. 24:15 But I believe when He’s saying come up here, 24:18 as in it’s coming up in agreement, it’s coming. 24:20 I’m coming. 24:22 I’m in agreement to the place that God is calling me to be. 24:25 We are technically there as the Church of Jesus Christ, 24:28 the Church of Jesus Christ has ascended. 24:30 We are victorious, overcomers. We need to live in that place. 24:33 Okay, so we need to recognize what is what is happening 24:38 in the earth comes from that viewpoint. 24:40 This is very, very unique 24:42 because obviously the apostle John 24:43 hadn’t yet got to that place, even himself. 24:45 So he felt that he needed permission to come up 24:49 to where God was at and 24:51 to speak with Him, and so you’re giving people today 24:55 the authority to be able to say, 24:57 I know I believe in Jesus as my Lord and Savior, 25:00 I know I’ve seated with Christ in heavenly places, 25:02 and I’m going to activate what’s already been done for me. 25:06 And I’m not going to allow the enemy to lie to me 25:09 or to cause me to believe anything otherwise. 25:12 Now, what I want you to do right now 25:14 is, if you pray for the people, 25:15 because I feel I’m just sensing that there are people 25:19 that want to engage in this open heaven encounters, 25:22 those those kinds of experiences. 25:24 There’s still doubt. There’s still a question. 25:27 And we given you scripture. I mean, Revelation, 25:28 Chapter four. And of course, 25:31 we know that, that the church Ephesians, Chapter 2:6, 25:35 we’re seated with Christ in heavenly places, 25:36 we have the Word that reveals that to us. 25:39 But there’s sometimes things that are holding us back. 25:42 Obviously, that young girl that was in her comatose state, 25:46 she was held back. She was in a place 25:50 where she where she didn’t want to come back. 25:53 Right. And she had to agree to come back in order for her 25:57 to come back into her body and begin to be revived. 26:00 So walk the people through just that process of activation. 26:03 LP: Absolutely. 26:04 And that’s one of the beautiful parts about this entire story, 26:08 is that we can see that when our bodies aew here on 26:12 Earth, that our spirit and our mind is fully alive with Jesus. 26:16 That’s why she was so happy. 26:18 That’s why she was kind of saying, 26:19 “I don’t want to go back to that earthly body. 26:21 That’s all broken.” But God had a plan. 26:24 And just like people who are in our comatose state 26:28 or, or people who sometimes when you dream, 26:31 sometimes in your dreams, 26:32 you’re actually going to Heaven and you don’t even realize it. 26:35 So, I just want to pray for you. 26:36 So, Father, I just thank you for those who are listening 26:39 and whose hearts are longing to be with you, 26:42 that they would love to experience the things in Heaven. 26:45 So, Lord, I just thank you 26:46 that you were going to open up their eyes 26:48 to see that you are going to take their, their spiritual 26:52 body, their spiritual essence and bring it to into 26:57 heavenly places so that they can see it. 26:58 Lord, you are not a respecter of persons. 27:01 That you have taken many, many people. 27:03 There are many, many people who have had these encounters. 27:05 And even in the Bible, 27:07 you have shown people where they have said, 27:09 “I don’t know if it was in the in the flesh or in the spirit. 27:12 I know not which.” But Lord, 27:13 I thank you that you can take us into these heavenly realms. 27:16 And so, Lord, I just thank you that even right now 27:19 that there is a stirring, there is a stirring inside. 27:22 And we just say, I do speak a release, 27:25 I just speak of release over your body 27:27 right now in the Name of Jesus. 27:29 I just speak that that you can be with Him, 27:33 that you can be with Him, 27:34 that your spirit is able to soar to places and to experience 27:38 Him in ways, in the fullness of what He has wanted. 27:42 And so, Lord, I just thank you for those who have eyes to see 27:45 and ears to hear 27:47 that there, that their spirit right now is quickening. 27:49 And I thank you, Father God, 27:51 that the Holy Spirit will show them the way 27:56 in Jesus Name. Amen. 27:57 CS: Amen. Amen. 27:59 I want you to reach out to us if you’ve been touched 28:02 by this program, go to CandiceSmithyman.com, 28:05 go to TouchedByPrayer.com and reach out to Lisa Perna. 28:09 We want to send you some free resources. 28:11 We are grateful that you joined us today. 28:13 And remember, [Music] take Messiah’s hand 28:16 and walk in to your 28:17 purpose and destiny. [Music to End]

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