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0:01 CS: Did you know that demons travel in gangs and 0:03 ranks? 0:05 We want to help teach you how to protect yourself 0:07 from these demons. 0:09 [Music] 0:11 >> Now is the time to go forward and become all 0:13 that God has intended for you to become. 0:15 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:20 in victory and wholeness. 0:23 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice 0:26 Smithyman. 0:29 Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:34 CS: I’m Candice Smithyman, 0:36 your personal mentor and life coach trainer, 0:39 and we’re going to be talking today about how to 0:41 protect yourself from enemy attacks. 0:44 I have a very special guest with me. 0:46 She has a TV show. 0:48 She’s an author, pastor, speaker, 0:50 traveled all over the world. 0:52 She has amazing testimony, ministries that she 0:55 oversees all over the world as well. 0:59 And she has a lot of knowledge on the enemy and 1:02 how he plans attacks against us. 1:05 And so I’m excited to have with me today is Isik 1:06 Abla. 1:08 IA: Hi. 1:10 CS: I’m so glad you’re here. 1:11 IA: Me too, thank you for having me. 1:12 CS: You bet. 1:13 It’s wonderful. 1:15 You’ve written a new book, and I’m so excited because 1:16 this book is going to really help us to be able 1:19 to understand how to Cast Out Demons and Slay Our 1:23 Giants. 1:24 IA: Yes. 1:25 CS: That’s the title of the book. 1:26 So I want to make sure that you all get that book 1:30 and have the opportunity to find out more, 1:31 you want to grow, after this show. 1:33 So let’s talk about these enemy attacks. 1:35 There’s so much that we need to protect ourselves 1:38 from. 1:39 Why don’t you share some of the steps to protecting 1:41 yourselves? 1:42 IA: Oh, yes. 1:43 One thing that everybody needs to understand is 1:45 that demons are not just going around casually and 1:48 they have no assignment. 1:50 The enemy in Ephesians Chapter six talks about, 1:53 you are talking about principality of darkness 1:56 in ranks and they go in ranks, 1:58 in gangs with assignments. 2:02 When I talk about the gangs, 2:03 I just want to open up a little bit. 2:05 For example, somebody gets raped. 2:09 An immediate door opener is a lie because I invited 2:11 this. 2:13 Something about me is not good or I am pervert. 2:17 I am dirty. 2:20 All these lies and deceptions enter in and 2:22 they are the door opener to other demons that are 2:24 coming in. 2:25 So enemy demons go in gangs and they also go in 2:28 the ranks. 2:30 Some Jezebel’s, I call them, 2:33 they are a trainee, trainee Jezebel’s. 2:36 Some Jezebel’s, they are Blackbelt, 2:38 Jezebels. 2:39 And so every level we have new details and they have 2:42 assignment’s against us and once we understand how 2:45 they are operating. 2:48 It is, it is going to be so much easier to get rid 2:51 of them and defend and protect ourselves and 2:55 ultimately be on the offensive side that when 2:59 we walk they flee from us immediately. 3:01 Somebody gave me a word and I want to give that to 3:04 you too, Doctor Candice. 3:05 Years ago and you are the same way, 3:07 He told me he came up to me, 3:09 he said, “Devil is afraid of you. 3:11 Whenever you come into a place, 3:13 they will leave.” 3:17 So, that is a kind of life that we need to live in 3:18 our lifetime here on Earth that God is teaching us 3:20 take care of the enemy in gangs and in the ranks. 3:25 CS: Oh, that’s really good. 3:27 And it is right from the Word of God, 3:28 Ephesians chapter 6. 3:29 IA: Yes. 3:30 Yeah. 3:31 CS: Because we do not war against flesh and blood. 3:32 We think it’s about people. 3:34 It’s not. 3:35 It’s about powers and principalities of darkness 3:36 in the spiritual realms. 3:38 This is powerful. 3:39 You know, it’s funny. 3:41 The person that gave you that word about where you 3:42 go, then the enemy flees. 3:44 I was suffering from severe fear, 3:45 anxiety and depression. 3:48 It was right before I was getting ready to go on 3:50 radio ministry. 3:51 This is many, many years ago before I started to 3:53 step into television and I had intense fear come upon 3:55 my life. 3:59 It’s like the spiritual forces knew that God had 4:01 called me to step in the media, 4:03 and so they had come to stop me in my tracks. 4:05 Well, my husband, I was leading a Bible study and 4:08 I, I didn’t want to go to Bible study. 4:10 I mean, I was the teacher of the Bible study, 4:11 and I didn’t want to go because I was suffering 4:13 through so much fear. 4:14 And I was like, how am I going to be able to, 4:16 like, bring any, like, enlightenment or 4:18 encouragement these people when I’m suffering like 4:19 this? 4:20 So I told him one afternoon, 4:22 he was getting ready to go to Bible study and I said, 4:24 “I’m not going to go tonight.” 4:26 And he goes, “What do you mean you’re going to go? 4:28 You’re like the teacher of this thing.” 4:30 And I said, I said, “I’m not going to go. 4:31 I am overcome with fear and depression right now. 4:33 And I know these are demonic forces, 4:36 but I can’t fight them right now.” 4:38 My husband looked at me and he said, 4:39 “listen, are you a pit bull or a poodle for 4:43 good?” 4:44 And I said. 4:45 “Well, I’m supposed to say pit bull, 4:50 but I feel like a poodle.” 4:51 And he’s like, “Get up, get dressed, 4:54 we are going to this Bible study and you are going to 4:57 teach these people.” 4:58 Well, I was kind of like mad at him because he 5:01 wasn’t giving me the compassion. 5:02 He wasn’t going to go pet my devil. 5:04 Right. 5:04 IA: Yes, exactly! 5:06 He was like, “Get yourself up, 5:07 and get to that Bible study and minister the 5:10 Word of God to these people!” 5:11 So I went but it was so- as much as I wanted to 5:14 argue and complain about it, 5:16 it was so invigorating to know that just that word 5:19 that he’d spoken to my life. 5:21 He was speaking to who I was. 5:24 “You know, you are a pit bull. 5:27 Get yourself up. 5:28 Come on. 5:29 You’re not going to let this enemy squash you and 5:30 leave you down and steal the path of destiny that 5:31 God has and you, like, get up and fight.” 5:33 So I went to that. 5:35 Well, no, the fear and anxiety did not go away 5:36 right away, but eventually it started to dissipate 5:38 because its forces wanted me to push back. 5:41 IA: Yes. 5:42 CS: And not enter my destiny. 5:45 And if I stayed in that space and hadn’t had such 5:47 a great warrior husband like I do, 5:48 who knows what would happen. 5:49 IA: Absolutely. 5:50 And you said something very key, 5:51 that your husband didn’t pet your victim or fear or 5:52 anxiety. 5:55 One major thing for everybody. 5:58 They want to be delivered first. 5:59 They need to get rid of victim mentality and they 6:03 need to not look for people that will say, 6:08 “Oh, I’m sorry, what happened to you?” 6:11 As deliverance ministers, you know, 6:13 you know what we’re avowed to, 6:15 When somebody comes to me and I’m like, 6:16 I’m so sorry that what happened to you. 6:18 But now we’re going to get to the bottom of it. 6:20 We are deliverance ministers, 6:22 have to be bottom line people. 6:24 This is not consulting, counseling, 6:26 therapy. 6:27 This is deliverance. 6:29 You have to be bottom line with the devil. 6:31 CS: Yes. 6:32 Oh, you’re so right. 6:34 Yeah. 6:35 We can’t lay down and say, go ahead and do whatever 6:37 you want you to, to me. 6:38 Oh, yeah. 6:38 Poor me. 6:39 No, there comes a point. 6:40 But we have got to stand up and start pressing for 6:43 it and it takes a lot of mental and emotional work 6:46 to do that. 6:48 When those forces have laid upon you because 6:49 you’ve opened up doors, you’ve agreed with them. 6:53 When we agree with the spirit of lies, 6:57 then we’re saying, yes, I agree with you that I’m a 6:59 poodle or then I’m a victim or that I can’t get 7:00 myself out of this. 7:01 Then we start that pathway of being squashed by them. 7:04 And so it’s very, very important for us to change 7:08 our mind and change our thinking. 7:09 So what do you tell these people then, 7:11 other than to get up and keep going? 7:13 You said then we’re going to get to the bottom of 7:14 this. 7:15 So when is the bottom? 7:16 IA: The bottom is always the Word of God. 7:18 Whatever the word of God says. 7:20 So, I go by the Word. 7:21 One is worship and praise. 7:22 If you do nothing, you have no energy to do it, 7:25 go in and put the worship on praise. 7:28 If it takes you to start whispering praises, 7:30 start whispering. 7:32 Whispering will turn to talking, 7:34 talking turns to roaring and roaring turns to 7:35 soaring. 7:36 So, you’re going to take yourself from that little 7:40 place to get to somewhere little by little. 7:41 And another thing I said, do opposite of your 7:44 feelings because enemy can manipulate your feelings, 7:48 but enemy cannot manipulate your faith in 7:50 the world. 7:51 And put the words- I have audio Bible in my house 7:56 24/7. 7:58 I sleep with audio Bible, I cook with audio Bible. 8:01 Other alternative to audio Bible is gospel music. 8:05 CS: Yes. 8:06 IA: Because people tell me, 8:08 how do you do this? 8:09 You kidding me? 8:10 I am entering into Middle East Muslim world, 8:11 into the devil’s territory. 8:14 Do you think he’s going to give you on a golden 8:16 platter and he’s going to say, 8:17 “Oh, here’s your potential, 8:19 here’s your territory?” 8:20 No, you got to take it by force. 8:21 And the force is for me to sword of the Spirit, 8:26 which is the Word of God, declare the Word of God, 8:27 bind and lose. 8:30 According to Matthew. 8:32 Sixteen, Matthew eighteen. 8:34 Use the blood of Jesus, one drop of blood of 8:36 Jesus. 8:38 Doctor Candice, one drop- CS: Come on! 8:39 IA: One drop of the blood of Jesus will defeat all 8:43 the armies of the devil in the universe. 8:45 CS: Yes! 8:46 IA: You need the blood of Jesus in your life every 8:48 single day. 8:49 So these are the things you must do. 8:51 Confess your sins, repent and just declare the Word 8:54 of God. 8:56 CS: Oh, that is so powerful. 8:58 You hear that one drop of Jesus is enough to break 9:01 the yoke of slavery in your life, 9:05 to break that victimhood, to bring you into that 9:07 place of personal freedom with the Lord. 9:11 I want you just to start to confess, 9:12 start to repent, get in that special place with 9:15 God right now. 9:16 We’re going to be back in just a few moments. 9:18 We’re going to continue talking with my guest, 9:21 Isik, and we’re going to find out how to defeat the 9:23 enemy and his plans for our life. 9:28 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 9:38 coaching or would like some direction and 9:39 encouragement? 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[Music Ends] 10:33 [Music] 10:37 [Music Ends] 10:39 >> I’m so glad you stayed with us because we are 10:42 talking to each other about how to defeat the 10:45 enemy, how to break the bondages, 10:48 how to position herself to cast out demons and slay 10:51 our giants. 10:52 And so we were talking all about the ways that the 10:56 enemy can come in. 10:58 And if we spend too much time listening to them, 11:00 we are going to be taken down the pathway that we 11:02 do not want to go. 11:04 And so let’s talk about how lies and deception 11:07 opens up the doors for the enemy. 11:09 IA: Yes, bigger stores to the devil and his forces 11:11 is lies and deception. 11:14 So you go to the root of every demonic problem, 11:16 I promise you, 99.9% first you cast out the demon of 11:19 lies and deception. 11:21 Everything else will be fine. 11:25 I had a lady who was drinking, 11:27 who drank human blood when she was three years old. 11:30 It is a satanic ritual. 11:32 She was offered as a sex sacrifice. 11:36 Three years old, her demon. 11:38 She had legion of demons. 11:40 Dr. Candice, but her biggest problem, 11:42 the Holy Spirit revealed to me you couldn’t cast 11:44 the devils out of her because she believed in a 11:46 lie, that she’d gone too far, 11:49 that she could not be delivered. 11:51 You see the enemy always – any another lie that puts 11:54 fear in people. 11:55 “Oh, if I go through deliverance, 11:57 enemy’s going to throw me. 11:59 I’m going to shriek. 12:00 I’m going to make a fool of myself or he’s going to 12:01 throw me and kill me.” 12:03 You see all these lies. 12:04 Maybe somebody sexually confused in their gender 12:07 and enemy says “Maybe you are born this way or that 12:09 way.” 12:11 These are all comes down to lies and deception. 12:14 Once you bind and cast out those lies and deception 12:17 in your life, and you start agreeing with the 12:21 Word of God instead of agreeing the word of the 12:23 devil, you start conquering every demonic 12:26 force, warfare position, operation, 12:29 everything in your life. 12:31 It is all lies, comes down to lies and deception. 12:33 And how do you do that? 12:35 Like when I came to a point in my life as a 12:38 Christian, I still believed in lies and 12:40 deception. 12:41 And one day I cried out to the Lord. 12:44 I said, Lord, what are you going to do with me? 12:45 I am, I am a piece of work. 12:48 What are you going to do? 12:49 And He said, “Get rid of the lies and deception 12:51 because you are brainwashed with lies,” He 12:53 said. 12:54 CS: Oooh! 12:56 IA: So if I was brainwashed, 12:57 if it is in my DNA how am I? 12:58 He said, “Wash your brain with the right stuff. 13:00 So I started putting on audio Bible 24/7 in my 13:04 house, gospel music and everything that will, 13:06 I will wash my brain. 13:07 I’m not kidding you. 13:10 My DNA changed, my personality changed. 13:13 I wasn’t this joyful, bubbly person. 13:17 I was always negative and Word of God changed me. 13:19 Word of God changes people. 13:23 Autistic children, healed autistic children in our 13:26 congregation because Word of God is supernatural and 13:28 it has power. 13:30 CS: Yes. 13:31 IA: And I will tell people to start declaring it. 13:32 Why? 13:33 Faith comes through hearing, 13:35 hearing the Word of God. 13:37 So until you really receive it, 13:39 you’re going to hear- sometimes people say, 13:41 I’m declaring, but it’s not happening. 13:43 And by God, you’re going to declare a thousand 13:45 times, whatever it takes until it becomes part of 13:48 your system, your DNA, your brain metabolism and 13:51 everything. 13:53 You declare until declares are in us because you need 13:55 to keep hearing it until you believe it. 13:57 CS: There you go. 13:59 You need to declare it until your brain is washed 14:04 completely with the Word of God. 14:07 And I love what you said, how you put on, 14:09 you know, the audible Bibles. 14:11 You know, you listened to the Word of God all the 14:13 time. 14:14 You listen to worship music. 14:15 I do the same thing. 14:17 There is no way I could be the person that I am today 14:20 if it were not for saturating myself in the 14:21 Word of God because the Word changes us. 14:26 It never, it never changes, 14:27 but it changes us into the likeness of Jesus. 14:30 And that’s exactly where the Lord wants us to be. 14:32 The more you’re like Jesus, 14:34 the less you are like the enemy strongholds in your 14:39 life and you can begin to discern the difference. 14:41 When I enter into a room, I can tell what kind of 14:43 spirits are in action there. 14:46 I you know, because when you spend more time on the 14:48 side of purity and wholeness and being in the 14:51 presence of God, you know the difference and seeing 14:55 what people have been harmed, 14:57 or they’ve been hurt? 14:58 Are they going through trauma or they’ve been 15:00 surrounded by these kinds of life that they think 15:02 that’s normal. 15:03 IA: Yes. 15:04 CS: And it’s like you have to take them from here and 15:06 bring them all the way to the other side. 15:08 IA: I love it because you said something so key. 15:11 Sometimes dysfunction becomes a person’s normal. 15:14 Sometimes drama becomes a person’s normal, 15:17 toxic becomes a person’s control, 15:20 becomes their normal. 15:21 Is your normal demonic? 15:24 You need to check that and you need to become a habit 15:26 of a new normal, which is the Word of God. 15:30 And another thing you said, 15:32 you become instantly your antennas, 15:33 your radars become so pure, 15:36 so clean. 15:37 like people. 15:38 Call me usually I am zero negative, 15:40 talker. 15:41 CS: Yes. 15:42 IA: How can I speak negative when I know the 15:43 Word of God, you know God is good. 15:45 CS: Yes. 15:47 IA: When you know, all things work together for 15:49 good for those who love God, 15:51 okay? 15:51 You think and expect negative. 15:53 So your expectations change, 15:54 your language, change, your speech, 15:57 change, your thinking, change. 16:00 If you change the thinking of any man, 16:01 you can change their destiny. 16:03 Your destiny changes. 16:05 CS: You know, you’re absolutely right. 16:06 You’re talking about having a victorious mind. 16:09 We want to be victorious conquerors. 16:11 We have to have a victorious mind. 16:12 You got to spend more time in the place of victory 16:15 than you do in the place of defeat. 16:16 And the only way that we can do that is by washing 16:18 our souls with the Word, yes? 16:21 And the- John chapter one verse one says “Jesus was 16:23 the Word and the Word walked with us.” 16:25 And we speak the word. 16:27 We’re speaking Him. 16:29 And when we speak Him, light comes and fills the 16:30 darkness. 16:32 And what you’re talking about is the fact that 16:35 demonic forces come and they hover around 16:37 darkness. 16:38 But if we pour more light into our souls, 16:40 what do you think it might have to attach to? 16:42 Because they’re attracted to darkness? 16:45 IA: Amen this is so good, because once you’re 16:47 attracted to the Word of God, 16:48 if somebody tells you something out of line, 16:50 immediately you are thinking, 16:53 automatically it becomes supernatural or natural. 16:56 What God’s words are saying about this. 16:59 CS: Yes. 17:00 IA: Immediately the contrast comes out and you 17:02 are and you grow prophetically. 17:06 If you grow in the Words we know a lot of people 17:09 are immersed in the charismatic circles 17:12 prophetically because they are not based on the Word 17:14 of God. 17:16 But if you know the Word of God= I always say the 17:19 Bible is one book about revelation of the Bible is 17:21 eternity. 17:22 CS: Oh, come on, yeah. 17:24 IA: So, you can keep receiving the Word, 17:25 from the Word of God’s revelation after 17:27 revelation, prophetic, after prophetic. 17:29 It’s so big. 17:30 CS: You know, the Lord tells us who are 17:34 victorious when we understand the divine 17:36 nature, His very own divine nature has come in 17:38 and been a part of us. 17:39 And we tap into the knowledge of God, 17:41 in that knowledge of God. 17:43 That word actually is a word that helps us 17:45 understand that we’re in union with Him. 17:47 To have the knowledge of God, 17:49 where we’re in union with Him will then cause us. 17:53 Then wherever we are, we’re going to transform 17:57 our environments because we’re actually bringing 17:59 the knowledge of him into the places that He’s 18:02 called us. 18:03 Listen, folks, while you are watching today realize 18:05 that everything we’re talking about is because 18:07 we have overcome so much and God gives that to us 18:11 through Jesus and through the Word of God. 18:15 He positions us to be overcomers in every area 18:17 and see the enemy will not defeat you when you live 18:20 from the spirit realms and not from the soulless 18:22 realms- are two separate realms. 18:24 We talk about demonic forces. 18:28 We’re talking about soulless realms. 18:29 IA: Oh, come on. 18:30 CS: Totally soulless realms, 18:32 you know, and when your soul gets healed, 18:34 you shut the doors down and you protect yourself 18:38 from the enemy who’s trying to come in there 18:40 and trying to harm you. 18:43 Now, I know you have so much more that you want to 18:44 share with us. 18:46 And so we’re going to be right back in just a few 18:48 minutes because we’re going to talk with you 18:50 more about this very subject. 18:53 So it’s really important to us is that you come to 18:55 that place of knowing who you are and that God 18:59 designed you for more than being somebody who can be 19:02 defeated. 19:04 He’s given you everything that you need to live 19:06 victoriously the in victory, 19:09 be on that path of destiny, 19:12 make all the difference in the world. 19:13 And so I want you to stay with us. [Music] 19:15 We’re going to be right back in just a few 19:16 moments. 19:22 [Music Ends] 19:24 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 19:26 international prophetic voice healing minister, 19:28 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 19:31 how to access the heavenly realms and live the 19:33 resurrected life. 19:35 Her passion is to see people healed and 19:37 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 19:40 in Christ as royal heirs seeded with Him in the 19:42 heavenly realms. 19:44 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 19:46 the power of God in her meetings. 19:50 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 19:52 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 19:54 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 19:57 supernatural and mentor you in the glory. 20:00 She offers many classes in her school of the 20:02 supernatural where you, too, 20:04 can learn to release Heaven, 20:06 the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:08 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of Dream 20:10 Mentors International, an organization that teaches 20:13 and trains biblical life coaches. 20:15 Check out her Web site and subscribe to our YouTube 20:19 channel, Instagram and Facebook for more 20:23 resources. [Music Ends] 20:24 [Music] 20:29 [Music Ends] 20:30 CS: I’m so happy that you stayed with us, 20:33 because now is one of the most important times in 20:36 the show where we have the opportunity to pray for 20:39 you and really help build you up so you can stay 20:42 protected from the enemy attacks. 20:45 And so Isik has been giving us some really, 20:47 really good steps to deliverance. 20:50 Why don’t you share with us a little bit more kind 20:53 of where you’re at with that and then we’ll start 20:55 praying with the people. 20:59 IA: Yes, I think it is very important people to 21:00 first come to a realization they need to 21:02 deliverance and they need to start getting prepared, 21:04 sitting with Jesus with the Word open on their 21:06 laps and asking Holy Spirit, 21:08 Spirit of Truth. 21:10 “Show me where I need to be delivered.” 21:12 This is how I got myself deliverance. 21:14 And He started showing me you need to be delivered 21:16 from this sexual demons, Jezebel, 21:19 control, whatever it is. 21:21 You start confessing and repenting, 21:22 renouncing it and pleading the blood of Jesus over 21:25 you and just declaring your victory. 21:28 So those are the steps. 21:31 But after being delivered, we are giving you like 21:33 deliverance in a nutshell here after being 21:34 delivered. 21:35 What they need to do about their deliverance is they 21:37 need to keep the deliverance through 21:40 feeding themselves with the Word of God, 21:43 with godly music and not opening their soul doors 21:47 to any more, to any demonic and just being 21:50 soaked and immersed in the Word of God. 21:53 That is so important because they can be seven 21:55 times worse. 21:56 Bible says if they don’t keep their house clean and 21:59 occupy with the right thing. 22:01 The other thing I want to speak is there are people 22:05 watching this broadcast right now. 22:07 They are addicted to pornography. 22:09 They are addicted to drugs. 22:10 I mean, these are like hardcore deliverance 22:13 needed areas. 22:14 Bondage are strongholds, their lives. 22:17 And I ask me, can they be self-delivered? 22:19 Absolutely they can. 22:21 It is all about you have your own will and you have 22:23 an authority in your own life and you can be 22:26 delivered that easy. 22:29 But the part it is hard is really be desperate for 22:34 deliverance. 22:35 Come on, you’re going to be desperate for 22:36 deliverance. 22:38 And there are also people maybe they are watching 22:40 they have anorexia, bulimia. 22:42 They are cutting themselves suicidal 22:44 thoughts, depression. 22:46 These are all demonic. 22:48 And I am not definitely putting aside there are 22:50 clinical depression, there are mental illnesses. 22:53 We are not ignorant to that. 22:55 But my area is deliverance in the spiritual realm. 22:58 CS: Calm on, yeah. 22:59 IA: So, that is why we need to address that 23:01 today. 23:02 Today, I want to speak to somebody’s life right now. 23:04 If you are addicted to pornography, 23:06 if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, 23:08 cigarettes, weed, whatever that addiction is, 23:11 God is telling me to tell you right now. 23:13 You have authority in your life. 23:15 You have your own will. 23:18 And my question is to how much you want to be 23:20 delivered. 23:21 That is a question. 23:23 If you really and truly and utterly you want to be 23:25 delivered, you will be delivered and you take 23:27 your life back from the devil’s hands. 23:30 It is your life and evict the devil right now by the 23:33 Word of God, by your confessions, 23:37 repentance, renouncing it. 23:40 You know, it all takes humbling yourself and then 23:42 taking the blood of Jesus and cleansing your entire 23:45 being in Jesus Name. 23:48 CS: That is so powerful. 23:50 If you’re suffering from any of these things right 23:52 now, I want you to get in that place with the Lord 23:55 and began to start the confession and repentance 23:58 process, turning away from being lured in the lies of 24:02 the enemy, that there’s some kind of life in the 24:05 habit, that you formed the habit of pornography, 24:08 the habit of drugs, the habit of, 24:10 you know, illicit sex. 24:12 Whatever your habits are, it is time to say, 24:15 Father, forgive me, for I have sinned and I need to 24:17 receive you. 24:19 I need to receive your blood. 24:23 I need to receive forgiveness for my sins 24:25 through your blood. 24:28 I need all of this to have those bandages broken. 24:30 And, you know, the word tells us that the enemy 24:33 will flee and the blood of Jesus among the enemy has 24:35 no strong hold on you. 24:37 When you plead the blood of Jesus over your life, 24:39 the blood of Jesus on your forehead means that you 24:42 are protected. 24:44 You are claiming you, are revealing of the spiritual 24:47 spirit realms. 24:48 You’re saying I am saved, healed, 24:50 delivered and set apart for victory. 24:53 And, you know, as you were talking, 24:56 I was really getting excited about the fact 24:59 that I know God is doing Deliverance Ministry right 25:01 now. 25:03 You know, just by the spoken Word. 25:05 IA: It is amazing during my Middle Eastern shows on 25:07 air, dealing with this woman in the Name of 25:12 Jesus, of course, from a hundred seven demons. 25:14 There was another lady. 25:15 She, she was locked up, locked up in a mental 25:18 institution. 25:20 She was seeing snakes everywhere. 25:23 And they put- somebody watch my program at home 25:26 and came to her room to visit her and put my 25:28 broadcast up. 25:29 and she got instantly delivered. 25:31 So, words have power and we are speaking to your 25:35 life right now in the Name of Jesus Christ, 25:38 I command every demonic forces to leave you in 25:40 Jesus Christ. 25:41 Get out, you devil in Jesus Name. 25:46 And you just declare my friend your victory and 25:50 declare that you are a child of God and Jesus 25:52 Christ is Lord. 25:54 And we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb 25:57 and by the word of our testimony. 25:59 What is our testimony in common? 26:01 It I am a child of God. 26:02 I am a child of God. 26:03 I am a child of God. 26:04 Every day, tons both times at home. 26:08 I just shout this. 26:09 I said,” I am a child of God. 26:11 I am a child of God. 26:13 I am a child of God. 26:14 Jesus Christ is Lord.” 26:16 Because God gave me a vision. 26:18 He showed me all the demonic forces and the 26:20 armies. 26:22 Whenever we say that I am a child of God, 26:23 Jesus Christ. 26:25 It’s like an atomic bomb! 26:27 CS: Yes! 26:29 IA: We send to the enemy’s camp and he flees from us. 26:30 CS: I believe that. 26:33 IA: Amen. 26:34 CS: I so believe it because there’s power in 26:36 the Word of God. 26:37 It divides soul and spirit. 26:39 It positions us for the things that God has for 26:40 us. 26:41 The Word is so powerful. 26:43 It’s sword. 26:44 IA: It is. 26:46 CS: I’m going to ask you to pull out that sword and 26:47 go forth it. 26:49 And listen, you have that same power at home. 26:51 You’ve received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 26:54 Take up your sword, take up the breastplate of 26:55 righteousness, the helmet of salvation, 26:59 the belt of truth, the shoes of peace. 27:01 Prepare yourself, walk in His righteousness, 27:05 be the person that God has called you to be. 27:07 Don’t allow those enemy forces to run you over. 27:09 Tell them they cannot have any more ground where 27:10 you’re at. 27:12 I can remember I was suffering severely. 27:14 This is right about that same time I was getting 27:17 ready to go on radio ministry and the spirit of 27:18 fear had overcome this so bad. 27:21 And I actually thought that I might need to go to 27:23 to my psychologist and get on some kind of 27:25 medication. 27:26 And I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, 27:28 “No, don’t do that. 27:29 I want you to stand right now and speak my Word over 27:33 your life and those forces will flee.” 27:35 So, listen, no matter where you are, 27:37 we hold these seats today, but we hold them not 27:39 without a fight, we hold them because we have 27:43 fought and we have fought- IA: Amen! 27:45 CS: -with the Word of God and we have stood firm. 27:48 So no matter where you’re at, 27:50 no matter what you’re doing, 27:51 stand firm, get out the Word of God and begin to 27:53 start fighting. 27:54 The enemy must flee from your life. 27:57 You are victorious. 27:58 I want you to reach out to us. 28:00 Let us know how this program has blessed you. 28:02 If you want mentoring, I want you to reach out to 28:04 me. 28:05 I do do personal mentoring. 28:07 I want to talk to you and have the opportunity to 28:09 help you be able to go into this next place, 28:12 as the Lord has for you. 28:14 Remember, I take Messiah’s hand. 28:16 He’s walking you on Your Path of Destiny. 28:20 [Music] 28:28 [Music Ends]

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