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0:00 CS: We all have a desire to be right, 0:03 even when we’re wrong. If you want 0:06 to have this cured, then you need to 0:08 learn about the righteousness of Jesus. 0:11 >> Now is the time to go forward and become all 0:14 that God has intended for you to become. 0:19 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:22 in victory and wholeness. 0:26 >> This is your Path to Destiny with 0:28 Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:33 CS: I’m so happy you joined me today for 0:35 Your Path to Destiny. 0:37 I’m Candice Smithyman, your personal mentor 0:39 and life coach trainer. 0:41 And today we’re going to be talking about 0:43 righteousness in Jesus. Yes, He has given us 0:46 the free gift of his very own righteousness. 0:50 And I am so excited about this program because 0:53 understanding how right we are in Jesus is so very, 0:58 very important to our walk in the earth. 1:02 God has so many amazing things for us to do, 1:04 but we are so overcome so many times by feeling like 1:09 we have to do right things in order to be a right person. 1:15 And the blessing of the Gospel is the fact that 1:17 Jesus died, buried and resurrected so that we 1:21 would have his very own righteousness. 1:25 And so today I want to just share with you about 1:28 the importance of wearing the very own 1:31 righteousness of Christ. This is something that 1:33 He has given us. But if you receive a 1:36 gift and you don’t even know what to 1:38 do with that gift, then what good is the gift? 1:41 And so today, I really want to share with you 1:43 how you can begin to step in walking in the gift of his 1:48 very own righteousness. 1:51 So let’s talk a little bit about what is the 1:53 importance of the righteousness of Jesus. 1:57 Well, we know that as humans, we are falling. 2:00 Right. And we know we are perfect on the inside. 2:03 When we come to know Jesus is our Lord and 2:04 Savior, what changes your spirit changes. 2:07 You had a dark spirit. It was a dead spirit. 2:11 And when you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 2:15 then your spirit comes alive. And when it comes 2:17 alive, you are brand new on the inside. 2:20 And being brand on the inside is exactly what 2:24 God attributes to you as right standing with Him. 2:29 No, He’s not looking at your soul. He’s not looking 2:31 at your mind, your will and your emotions. 2:33 When he sees you, he sees with x ray eyes 2:37 just like Superman right into your spirit, man. 2:41 And He sees that you are complete and whole and 2:44 victorious because of what His Son, 2:47 Jesus Christ has done. 2:49 But what we must know and realize is that our soul 2:54 hasn’t caught up with that truth yet. 2:55 See, because after you become born again, 2:58 God is transforming your soul into the likeness of Jesus. 3:02 And so in that process of transformation, 3:04 we have to understand how to wear the righteousness 3:08 of Jesus so that we’re able to step in to the 3:12 plans and purposes of God and really make a 3:14 difference in the earth. 3:15 And I know you want to make a difference in your 3:17 surroundings, but wearing His righteousness is a key 3:22 to that very thing. 3:23 And so let me just talk with you a little bit 3:26 about how being perfect and whole and complete on 3:29 the inside is where our righteousness stays. 3:33 It stays put right there. 3:35 So even if you do wrong things, 3:37 which we all do right, you think wrong thoughts, 3:40 you have wrong actions, those wrong thoughts and 3:44 wrong actions come up against what we call the law. 3:48 The law is there for one reason. 3:51 It’s to draw us into confession and repentance, 3:56 telling the Lord through confession, 4:00 Father, I have sinned or Father, 4:02 I have not done the right thing when our thoughts 4:04 and our actions are not in line with the law or 4:08 with His Word. Okay, so the Word of Jesus 4:13 is the law fulfilled. 4:15 But it is also the law that will bring us to 4:19 Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 4:22 So where am I going with this? Stay with me. 4:25 I want you to understand the fact that you’re 4:27 perfect on the inside and all of Jesus is very 4:30 unrighteousness has come to you in that place 4:34 right here. And as God is transforming 4:37 your soul into the likeness of Jesus, 4:40 He’s taking you on a pathway to be able 4:43 to understand each and every time you are 4:47 suffering from not doing the right thing, 4:50 that you don’t have to stay in a place of guilt 4:54 and condemnation. And so I want to read 4:56 to you the word today, because if 4:58 condemnation is upon our life for not 5:01 doing right things, we will actually stop the 5:04 flow of the righteousness that Jesus has given us. 5:08 And we don’t want to stop his flow in our life. 5:11 His flow in our life is very, very important. 5:13 You have right standing with God every day, 5:15 no matter what you do. Why? 5:18 Because it’s not performance based. 5:20 It’s based on what Jesus has done. 5:22 But the soul is always thinking, the mind, 5:25 the will and the emotions is always thinking about 5:27 how important it is to do right things in order to 5:30 gain acceptance. From God, listen, 5:32 I’m just going to speak to you right now. 5:34 You already have God’s acceptance because of 5:37 what Jesus has done. 5:38 There is nothing on this planet that you could do 5:40 that would bring you more acceptance than what 5:44 you have in who Jesus is and who you are on the 5:48 inside wearing his very own righteousness right 5:51 here, your whole perfect and victorious. 5:55 So the apostle Paul thought this to be very, 5:58 very important. As a matter of fact, it was 5:59 transforming knowledge from Heaven for Him. 6:03 Once he began to understand His 6:04 righteousness in Jesus, everything transformed in 6:08 his walk on the earth. And so I want 6:10 to share that with you today. Go with me 6:12 to Romans Chapter eight, verses one through four. 6:14 And I’m just going to read it to you. 6:16 The Word says, therefore, “There is now 6:18 no condemnation for those who are in Jesus, for the 6:21 law of the spirit of life in Jesus has set you 6:24 free from the law of sin and death for what the 6:27 law could not do, weak as it was to the flesh. 6:30 God, did. He set his own Son in the likeness of 6:34 sinful flesh. And as in offering for sin, 6:37 He condemned sin in the flesh so that the 6:40 requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us 6:43 who do not walk according to the flesh, 6:46 but according to the Spirit.” 6:48 Whoa, that’s an intent of scripture. 6:50 But there is so much truth in that. 6:52 If you are feeling condemned today, 6:55 if you’re feeling guilt, if you’re feeling fear, 6:58 shame, any of these types of negative emotions, 7:02 you’re in a place where you need to recognize the 7:07 righteousness of Jesus upon your life that will 7:10 snap and break off any of that condemnation. 7:14 Condemnation comes when the enemy tells us that we 7:18 have not done everything right and he keeps us at a 7:22 distance from that deep and abiding relationship 7:26 with the Father. We’ll look in the mirror and 7:28 will say, “But Lord, I didn’t do this right today. 7:31 But Lord, you know, if I had only done this better, 7:35 if I’d only done this different, 7:36 we then began to carry this this guilt and 7:40 condemnation with us. 7:41 But what you got to understand here is Jesus 7:43 took our guilt and condemnation. 7:46 And this scripture here tells us that that was 7:50 condemned in His flesh. 7:52 Our sin or our lack of keeping the law, 7:54 was condemned in His flesh so that we might 7:56 have the fullness of the righteous requirement 8:00 of the law met in us. 8:01 Listen, folks, this is really, really 8:03 important because when you understand that 8:05 you have right standing with God, not because 8:08 of what you do, but because of who 8:09 He is, you will live in a place of freedom 8:12 that you couldn’t possibly live in if you were 8:14 entirely focused on just doing the right thing. 8:17 See, we got to get beyond trying to do right things. 8:20 In order to be accepted by God, 8:22 we have to step into the place of knowing we are 8:24 accepted by God because of what Jesus has done. 8:27 And then good works flow from that place. 8:31 When we keep our eyes on that place, 8:33 when we keep our eyes on praising God, 8:36 worshiping him, being thankful for what his son 8:39 has done, we will begin to see beautiful things that 8:43 God creates in and through us as a result of stepping 8:46 in to that place of fellowship with him. 8:49 You see, it’s so important to God that you have 8:51 fellowship with him, and he made a way through his 8:54 son, Jesus, that we would be the righteousness, 8:58 the fullness, the righteousness of the law 9:00 would be made in us because of what Jesus did. 9:03 And so I want you to be encouraged today. 9:05 I want you to stand in that place with me, 9:08 that place of agreement. 9:09 You have the righteousness of Jesus. 9:12 I want you to stay tuned because we’re going to 9:14 come back and I’m going to talk with you more about 9:17 this and I’m going to pray with you. It’s very important 9:19 for you to know this freedom awaits you. [Music]. 9:24 We’ll be back in just a few moments. 9:33 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 9:36 coaching or would like some direction and 9:37 encouragement? 9:39 Dr. Candice is a board-certified counselor 9:41 who walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 9:43 and she wants to mentor you in her 9:46 School of the Supernatural. 9:47 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 9:50 books and many other additional resources that 9:53 will help you strategize and release heaven in 9:56 every area of your life. 9:57 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 10:00 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 10:03 You can also schedule some personal time with 10:06 Dr. Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 10:09 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 10:13 through personal issues in your life and propel 10:15 you into your purpose and destiny. 10:18 Visit her website for all of her resources and 10:21 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 10:24 Instagram and YouTube. 10:29 [Music] 10:36 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me because this 10:38 teaching on righteousness that Jesus is going to 10:41 totally transform your life. I mean, I just got 10:43 to tell you personally, when I grabbed a 10:45 hold of this myself, everything changed. 10:48 I was one of those people that spent all this time 10:51 trying to do all the right things in order to be 10:54 accepted by others and accepted by God. 10:57 You know, in my own flesh, the Lord revealed to me 11:00 the very, very root of a lot of causes in my life, 11:04 and that was a need for acceptance. 11:06 I’m just being honest with you today. 11:09 We all have needs for provision protection 11:11 and acceptance. 11:12 And that is straight up from the Word of God. 11:15 Genesis, chapter three, verse six shows that shows 11:17 us that first, John, chapter two versus 11:20 15 through 17. Jesus was tempted in 11:23 the desert with those three things in 11:25 Luke, Chapter four provision protection 11:28 and acceptance are the weaknesses of our nature. 11:31 And my weakness was acceptance. 11:33 I lost my father when I was a little girl at the 11:36 age of nine and it totally wrecked my world. 11:39 And I began to live my life from the place that I 11:43 wanted to please others so that I could receive 11:47 love and acceptance. 11:49 I mean, I know I’m talking to somebody today, 11:51 one of you all there are many of you out there 11:54 today are suffering with the need to be accepted 11:57 by other people. And listen, this is part of 12:00 our DNA. It is a part of the DNA of humanity. 12:03 But the good news is that we can overcome our needs 12:08 by having all of our personal needs met through 12:12 our death and resurrection in Jesus. 12:15 When I began to understand really what Jesus had done 12:19 for me by his death, burial and resurrection, 12:22 my whole life was transformed. 12:24 I stopped trying to seek acceptance from 12:27 other people, and I began to start realizing that it 12:31 was only false in that regard. Everything was 12:35 false about that and that having a deep and 12:38 abiding relationship, the Lord where He 12:40 accepted me, was going to set me on a 12:42 path of being able to bless others and 12:45 contribute to them rather than coming 12:47 and stealing from them. Because I just 12:50 and I say stealing, not because I was 12:52 stealing anything from them, but 12:53 I was taking I had a need to get from them 12:56 acceptance with anything that I did. 12:59 And the Lord disciplined me over and over again. 13:02 And He said, “Listen, you’re choosing a 13:04 counterfeit to try and please people and to try 13:08 and get others. Acceptance is a counterfeit. 13:12 If you will receive My acceptance of you, 13:15 your life will dramatically transform.” 13:18 I know I’m talking to somebody today. 13:19 I know that because it is part of our DNA to need 13:24 to be accepted. Many of you have gone 13:26 through your life trying to do anything 13:28 you could so that you would get your parents 13:30 acceptance because, 13:31 you know, when we come out of a mom, 13:34 we’re born into the earth and we have mom and dad 13:36 and where you came from, a home that stayed together 13:38 or a broken home still in your DNA, you had a 13:41 need for provision protection and acceptance. 13:43 So you would do things that would cause mom or 13:46 dad to give you whatever it was that you needed 13:50 to be accepted. 13:51 Maybe it was a love, maybe it was a hug, 13:53 whatever it was, it’s not wrong to want to be 13:55 loved and hugged. But when we get 13:57 stuck in a in a system of having to do something 14:01 in order to gain something, then we become in 14:03 bondage to that very thing. It kind 14:06 of reminds me of, you know, when you are 14:09 a child and you do something good and 14:11 maybe your parents give you like an Eminem 14:13 because they say, hey, listen, he did a great job. 14:16 You know, I’m going to give you some Eminem’s 14:18 today for that. And then you start to 14:19 work for Eminem’s. You start to work for cookies. 14:22 You start to work for things that look good. 14:25 And then before you know it, you’re stuck 14:26 in this terrible trap because all you’re doing is 14:29 working hard to gain acceptance, to gain 14:33 something that you need as part of who you are. 14:36 But when we find out we have that in Jesus, 14:39 everything is transformed. So one day 14:42 I found out that what my Father in Heaven 14:45 had done by sending His Son, Jesus, 14:48 to change and transform my life and bring me to a 14:50 place of accepting myself and accepting the fact 14:55 that God himself loved me. 14:57 And that should be the most important thing. 14:59 Then everything changed for me. 15:00 Then I became a giver instead of a guitar. 15:03 So we started out as guitars. But then we 15:05 become givers when we learn that we’ve 15:08 already received everything. 15:10 So, I begin to allow the word of God to transfer 15:13 my mind in that area, said Lord. 15:14 I want to know everything I can about righteousness 15:17 in you, because if I already have right 15:19 standing, then what am I working so hard for? 15:22 Who am I trying to please? 15:23 And the Lord would speak to speak to me and 15:26 He would say, “You’ve already pleased me, Candice. Now 15:30 go and bless others because you’ve already pleased Me,” 15:35 and what He meant by that was you’re 15:38 already beautiful to me, you’re already everything 15:43 that I want for me, God, because of what Jesus 15:46 has done for you. 15:48 “See, Candice, when I look at you, I see Jesus.” 15:51 And so when I see Jesus, then I’m going to send 15:54 Jesus for God to bless others. 15:56 “You’ve got to change your thinking, 15:58 Candice,” is what He would say to me. 15:59 So I’m saying to you right now, 16:01 you’ve got to change your thinking. 16:03 You got to get off the treadmill of life, 16:05 get off of the performance mentality, 16:07 get off of work, work, work in order to get, 16:11 get, get and start saying God. Thank you. Thank you. 16:14 Thank you. That I’ve received everything from 16:18 you already. Now teach me, Lord, how 16:20 to be a giver instead of a taker, 16:23 and then you’ll begin to start overflowing 16:25 in the power and presence of God because you’ll be 16:29 tapping into something so important, and that is 16:31 the gift of his very own righteousness. 16:35 And so I just want to encourage you today. 16:37 I want to pray with you right now, 16:39 because as you’re going through the rituals of 16:43 life, as you’re trying to do every law right. 16:47 As you’re trying to make sure every I’s dotted and 16:50 every T is crossed as you wear the burdens of trying 16:53 to be perfect, know this. You are perfect 16:58 in God’s eyes because of what Jesus has 17:01 already done. And I want you to rest in that. 17:03 Just take a few moments to just rest in knowing 17:08 that He loves you no matter what. 17:10 It’s not because of what you do. 17:12 Just begin to sit with Him. 17:14 Just be in that private place with Him. 17:18 He loves you and He’s already had a divine set 17:21 up through Jesus to position you to be 17:25 everything that he’s called you to be. 17:26 He and giving you Jesus His very own righteousness 17:30 is the set up for that. 17:34 He tells us that we have the crown of 17:37 righteousness, the robe of righteousness, 17:40 the breastplate of righteousness. 17:42 These are all things that Jesus has given us. 17:45 This means right. 17:46 Standing with God is a key to be able to live the 17:51 abundant life, the victorious life. 17:53 It’s the key to your path to destiny. 17:56 I’m going to pray with you now. Father, I thank you 17:59 so much for those that are watching Lord. 18:01 And I know that they’re dealing with really 18:03 difficult things and wearing weights. 18:05 I just see weights on you, 18:07 the weight of life, trying to please everyone, 18:10 trying to get everything done on time, 18:12 trying to make sure that you walk in perfection, 18:15 even thinking that your father in heaven is so 18:18 moved by your perfect works. 18:20 And so, Father, I just want to break that 18:22 stronghold right now over those that are watching. 18:24 And I ask you, Lord, to just send your love, 18:28 just send angels right to where they’re at and begin 18:31 to minister to them freedom in the 18:34 mighty Name of Jesus. 18:36 Lord, I just thank you right now that you’re 18:37 covering them with your glory, that you’re 18:39 speaking to them, how much you love 18:41 them because of who they are in Jesus. 18:45 That is that is your new identity. 18:47 And it is a true identity. 18:50 You are whole you are perfect. 18:52 You have everything you need right in this space 18:55 now live from it. And so, Father, 18:58 I ask you right now to help my friend 19:00 live from that space in their life so 19:04 that they can begin to walk in the totality of 19:07 freedom and listen, you’re going to become a giver. 19:11 You’re going to become one who blesses 19:13 others because you are learning these truths today. 19:19 Stay with me. We’ll be right back. [Music] 19:21 We’re going to talk more about wearing his 19:25 righteousness and walking in that freedom. 19:36 Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman 19:38 is an international prophetic voice healing minister, 19:41 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 19:44 how to access the heavenly realms and lived the 19:46 resurrected life. Her passion is to 19:49 see people healed and delivered and come 19:51 into a knowledge of who they are in Christ as 19:53 royal heirs seeded with him in the heavenly realms. 19:57 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 19:59 the power of God in her meetings. 20:02 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 20:04 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 20:07 >> Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 20:10 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 20:12 she offers many classes in her school of the 20:15 supernatural where you, too, can learn to release 20:17 Heaven, the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:21 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of Dream 20:24 Mentors International, an organization that teaches 20:27 and trains biblical life coaches. Check out 20:30 her website and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 20:33 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 20:37 [Music] 20:43 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us. 20:44 I’m going to continue to talk with you about the 20:47 free gift of Jesus’s righteousness. 20:50 Let’s go to Romans Chapter five verses 15 through 17. 20:54 The words, the apostle Paul is speaking to us and 20:56 he says, “But the free gift is not like the 20:59 transgression for a by the transgression of the one 21:02 the many died.” 21:04 He means by the transgression of Adam, 21:06 the first Adam in the garden. “The transgression 21:09 of him, any died, how much more did the grace 21:12 of God and the gift by the grace of the one-man 21:16 Jesus abound to the many.” 21:19 The gift is not like that which came through the one 21:23 who sinned, which means through Adam. 21:25 “For on the one hand the judgment arose 21:29 from one transgression,” That’s when Adam and Eve 21:31 ate the apple resulting in condemnation. 21:36 “But on the other hand, the free gift arose from 21:38 many transgressions, resulting in justification. 21:42 For by the transgression of the one death reigned 21:46 through the one which means through Adam. 21:48 How much more those who receive the abundance of 21:51 grace and the gift of righteousness will reign 21:55 in life through the one Jesus. 21:58 So now listen how important that is. 22:00 This means that when our thoughts are on just 22:05 making sure that we do right things, 22:07 we’re missing it. All right. 22:10 Because the free gift of His grace, 22:13 the free gift of righteousness supersedes 22:18 is more abundant than even one transgression. 22:23 It resulted in justification to us, which means 22:27 that because of what Jesus has done, 22:30 you are justified. You are stamped righteous 22:35 and holy because of what He has done. 22:38 See, we have to get off the treadmill of trying to 22:41 do what’s right all the time and begin to start 22:44 resting in what Jesus has done, 22:48 knowing that he will bring us into that place of 22:52 doing great things once we learn to worship him and 22:58 rest in the free gift that he’s given us. 23:01 >> I know this is a hard one because humanity makes 23:05 us work that is on the inside of you. 23:08 You want to do, do, do, to be, be, be. 23:13 Here’s the deal. You got to learn to 23:15 be before you do, then you will have a 23:19 righteous acts before the Father. We mess this up 23:24 all the time. But listen, it’s normal to mess it up. 23:26 It’s humanity. So you’ve got to wash your 23:30 soul in understanding it is more important 23:33 to God that you think on the things that 23:37 God speaks in his word about who you are 23:40 because of what Jesus did, rather than thinking about 23:44 who you are based on what you just thought about 23:47 five minutes ago that was not holy and righteous or 23:50 what you did five minutes ago, 23:52 that was not holy and righteous. 23:54 >> It’s more important to God that you take your 23:57 mind off of your sin and put your thoughts on this 24:02 saint who saved you. 24:04 He is completely transformed who you are. 24:07 You have a new identity and your identity is who 24:10 you are in Jesus. 24:12 When the Father looks at you from Heaven, 24:14 He sees who you are in Jesus. 24:16 He just wants you to learn to live it out and see, 24:19 this is such important teaching because if you 24:21 can grab a hold of this, you’re going to be 24:23 stepping in to a place of joy and freedom and loving 24:27 God at a level that you’ve never been able to love 24:31 Him before. See, Jesus did way more for 24:33 us than our mind. And our will in our 24:36 emotions can comprehend this. 24:38 Why this is why it’s called transformation is 24:40 it takes a lifetime to learn how much God 24:44 really loves us. 24:45 We might see it through the cross and His shed 24:50 blood for our sin. That’s the first time we 24:54 see how much He loves us. But the rest 24:56 of our lives we spend learning about 25:00 how much he loves us in the way we deal with each 25:05 other. We deal with our life. 25:08 Jesus wants us to be with Him all the time, 25:11 and you cannot be with Him all the time. 25:14 In your mind, if you’re constantly thinking about 25:17 what you’re doing, you have to get to the place 25:19 of walking by the Spirit. 25:21 Those who walk by the spirit will fulfill the law. 25:24 When your thoughts are on the spirit, 25:27 you will begin to live as the Spirit lives. 25:30 And so I want to pray for you now that you 25:32 receive an importation of the righteousness of 25:37 Jesus upon your life. 25:39 I see some of you right now and. 25:40 You stand before your family members, 25:44 you stand before your boss and you say, 25:47 oh, I’m right in this, I’m so right in this, 25:51 don’t you know how right I am in this? 25:53 And all the while, you’re just projecting rightness 25:59 when really what you’re looking for is carrying 26:02 His righteousness, you see, when we get to 26:05 that place of knowing and understanding 26:08 that we have His righteousness, 26:10 we have Jesus righteousness, 26:11 we’ll stop trying to be right to everybody. 26:13 We’ll stop trying to tell her husband or wife, 26:16 oh, don’t you know I’m right and you’re wrong. 26:17 I don’t you know, you’re the wrong one and I’m the 26:22 right one. We’ll stop condemning people. 26:24 We’ll stop throwing stones. 26:26 We’ll be at that place of realizing that everything 26:30 we’ve received is the righteousness of Jesus. 26:33 And so now we can only give it. 26:35 We can only so it into people’s lives. 26:37 And so stop trying to be right. 26:39 You are already our right. You’re right. 26:41 If you know Jesus as your Lord and savior, 26:44 you’re already stamped, justified and right. 26:47 And so receive the importation of this word. 26:50 Receive that you are right, 26:53 not because of what you do now, 26:55 because of what you say, but because of who he is. 26:59 And so, Father, I thank you so much. 27:02 Right now that you’re speaking to my friend and 27:04 you’re ministering to them and you’re removing the 27:07 need to be right, you’re just taking that away. 27:09 I want I want to see it removed even from your 27:12 vocabulary, other than I am right in Jesus. 27:16 That should be all that you’re saying. I’m right. 27:18 And Jesus, because when you’re right in Jesus, 27:20 you’re going to stop fighting for your own 27:22 righteousness. You’re going to lay down 27:24 your own swords and you’re 27:25 going to be able to walk confidently. 27:27 So, Father, I thank you right now that my friend 27:30 receives the impartation of confidence upon their 27:33 life because they walk in the righteousness of 27:37 Jesus. You have it all over you! 27:40 Begin to start rejoicing right now, 27:43 begin to stand up and praise the Lord, 27:45 begin to start giving Him thanks because of 27:46 what He has done for you. 27:48 You no longer have to be right to the world because 27:51 you’re already right in Him. Now is your 27:53 moment of freedom. You are right in Jesus, Father. 27:56 I think you right now for giving us your very own 28:00 righteousness. And Father, we accept 28:02 that and we extend that. And so I want 28:06 you to reach out to me. I can to Smithyman.com 28:09 I want to mentor you. I want to help you 28:11 get to this place of righteousness. 28:13 And remember, take Jesus’s hand and walk into 28:18 Your Path of Destiny. 28:21 [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares a revelation on the righteousness of God.

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