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0:00 CS: Have you ever heard of a presence prophet? 0:03 Do you want to grow in the prophetic and learn 0:06 to shift atmospheres, then stay tuned, 0:08 because my guest is going to talk to you all about 0:11 being a presence prophet. [Music] 0:14 >> Now is the time to go forward and become all 0:17 that God has intended for you to become. 0:22 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:25 in victory and wholeness. 0:28 This is Your Path to Destiny with 0:31 Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:37 Today’s guest is going to share with us all 0:40 about the glory of a presence prophet. 0:44 Yes, I said presence prophet. 0:46 I know you’re curious to know what that is. 0:49 And he is going to share that with us today. 0:51 My guest is Dr. Joshua Fowler. 0:53 He is the founder of “Awake the World Ministries.” 0:56 He is a fifth-generation pastor. 0:59 He is a spiritual father to many all over the world. 1:02 He does lots of live streams and is well known 1:05 for his global communion and his crossover events. 1:09 And I am so excited to have him with me today 1:11 because he has written a book about 1:13 Pausing In the Presence of God. 1:15 And so we get a chance to talk with him today about 1:17 being a present prophet. Welcome. 1:20 JF: It’s so good to be with you, Candice. 1:22 CS: I am so happy to have you. 1:24 Listen, I know my guests are excited to know 1:26 what a presence prophet is. We talk about prophecy. 1:28 We talk about being a prophet, 1:30 but what’s a presence profit? 1:32 JF: Well, there are three dimensions of 1:34 the prophetic that that I can see through scripture. 1:37 You know, so you have the spirit of prophecy, 1:39 you have the gift of prophecy, 1:40 and then you have the ministry gift of profit. 1:43 So there’s a lot of people that get that confused. 1:45 And I teach on that and some of our courses 1:47 that we teach. But Holy Spirit been 1:49 revealing to me that He wants His prophets 1:52 to begin to move out of His presence instead 1:54 of just out of their gift. There’s a lot of people 1:57 that move out of gifting. 1:58 They move into services and, you know, 2:01 the gifts of God or without repentance. 2:02 So God will move. He’ll speak to anyone. 2:05 You know, as we found in scripture, 2:07 He’ll speak through a donkey. 2:09 But you don’t have to live your life like a donkey. 2:11 You can live your life on the path to destiny. 2:14 And you can do that by living in his presence. 2:16 So there’s a there’s a difference of living out 2:19 of your gift and coming into a service, coming 2:21 into a meeting and then just feeling the anointing and 2:25 stirring up the gifts and flowing from that. 2:27 God wants you to live out of the overflow of his 2:30 presence to be a presence prophet. 2:32 There’s a difference. 2:33 I don’t I don’t just do an activation or stir myself 2:37 up, but I live continually leaning into the Lord in 2:42 the presence of the Lord and out of that the flow 2:45 of the prophetic flows. 2:46 And it’s much more accurate. 2:48 I found I’ve been preaching all over the 2:50 world for years and I know the difference. 2:52 You know, I was raised in church as a 2:54 fifth-generation preacher, so I know what it is to 2:57 just go through the motions. You know, 2:59 we’ve got to get over here. You’ve got to 3:00 have church, you’re going to have a song, 3:02 and then we’re going to get preach and we’re 3:03 going to stir something up, 3:05 make something happen. 3:06 Well, there’s a difference of saying, 3:08 no, I’m going to wait and I’m going to pause 3:10 in His presence. I’m going to live 3:12 in His presence. And then in that place, 3:15 then I can flow from His presence. 3:17 It’s a more accurate word. It’s a more sure word. 3:20 I believe it’s like Samuel, 3:21 not one word will fall to the ground. 3:23 CS: You know, I love that you’re defining it and 3:27 you’re giving all kinds of understanding behind that. 3:31 I know as prophet myself, that’s the only way I flow. 3:34 Like, I couldn’t do the package deal. 3:37 If it’s not, it was not Him laying just out of the 3:42 overflow, then I don’t bother saying, 3:44 because out of the overflow is the relationship. 3:48 The relationship is where the prophet needs to be 3:51 with the Father to be in that deep and abiding 3:53 relationship that it’s easy to bring forth the word. 3:56 It’s not worked. It’s something that just flows. 4:00 But what I find to be amazing about how you 4:03 define presence, prophet, is that we really need to 4:06 get into that place of understanding what are our 4:08 weaknesses, what are the things that we don’t know 4:12 about ourselves that cause us to fall into patterns 4:15 instead of relationship with Him? 4:19 You know, instead of just allowing putting on the gift- 4:22 JF: Hmm-mm. CS: Putting on the gift 4:25 is not what we should be doing because 4:27 the gift flows from Him. 4:30 But I think we want so bad to maybe do 4:33 the things that our title encompasses. 4:36 CS: It’s like let me do my title rather than allow 4:39 God to be who He is in and through us. 4:42 What would you say to young prophets who are 4:44 beginning to step out? 4:46 How should they begin to cultivate this gift? 4:48 JF: Well, there’s a there’s this demand in the world 4:51 to perform. We get a performance mentality. 4:54 And in that performance mentality, 4:57 we’re in a service where we’re somewhere and 5:00 somebody comes, you’re a prophet or you flow 5:01 prophetically. You’ve got to just do this. (snaps fingers) 5:03 We don’t need psychics. 5:05 We don’t need parrots. 5:07 We need prophets. 5:08 Prophets are different then than somebody that’s just 5:11 parroting what they see on the news. 5:12 There’s a lot of people right now that are, 5:14 quote unquote, prophesying because of what they see 5:17 on chicken noodle news. 5:18 They see something going on. 5:20 And every day next week they’ve got another 5:22 prophecy based upon what they saw in the news. 5:25 And this is what God is doing. No prophets. 5:27 They come from Heaven and they’re reporting from 5:30 Heavens Broadcasting Network. 5:32 And they’re releasing what the Lord. 5:34 Says before this thing happens, 5:36 he says, sure, I’ll do nothing, 5:38 except I reveal it to my servants, 5:40 the prophets, so if we spend time in the secret 5:42 place, he’ll tell us the secret. 5:46 But if we don’t spend time in the secret place, 5:47 then all we’re going to do is parrot what we hear 5:50 everyone else saying. 5:50 So I would say to a young prophet, 5:53 ninety-nine-point nine percent of your ministry 5:57 is in the prayer closet. 5:58 If you’ll understand that secret place, 6:01 the presence of God, then when he takes you from 6:04 private to the public, then you’ll live from the 6:07 overflow and you won’t be trying to search in the 6:11 dark to minister to people’s needs. 6:13 But you’ll know exactly what God wants to say. 6:15 CS: Yes. You know, that is such a good word because 6:19 it’s not something where you can actually teach 6:22 people this is how you do it. 6:24 It’s something that flows from that initial in the 6:29 secret place relationship and in the secret place 6:32 relationship. We develop our character. 6:34 JF: That’s right. 6:35 CS: Because what good would it be for you to be this 6:37 great international prophet and then end up 6:40 falling in front of all of these people because you 6:43 are never cultivated in the secret place. 6:46 And so it’s so very, very important to the Lord that 6:49 He teaches us. 6:50 And I know for myself as a prophet of the Lord, 6:53 that’s how I got taught is through him, 6:55 through being with him and then by faith speaking out 7:00 what he said to me, you know, there’s a lot of 7:04 prophetic schools that we can go to and a lot 7:06 of them are very, very good. 7:07 But what would make a prophetic school good is 7:09 if they focused on what you’re talking about, 7:12 being in the present, being in relationship. 7:14 These should be the core foundational functions. 7:17 JF: That’s right. CS: Of being a presence 7:21 prophet. And so I love the fact that you zero in on that. 7:24 I think that is really, really, really amazing. 7:27 So now in line with being a present prophet, 7:31 we want to make sure that we are able to give some 7:34 maybe some key points. 7:36 So we talked about intimacy, 7:37 we talked about abiding. 7:38 But what are some of the other things that you see 7:41 that presence prophets need to know? 7:43 JF: Well, you know, along with the abiding along 7:45 with spending time in His presence, you know, 7:47 Smith Wigglesworth, many people talk about him, 7:49 how many people he raised from the dead. 7:52 Some people say 14. Some people say twenty-eight. 7:54 Well, you raise a lot of people from the dead. 7:56 But the thing he would say is he said it was not how 7:59 long he prayed, but it was how long that he didn’t go 8:02 without praying. He checked in every hour, 8:05 every 30 minutes. He said I might not 8:07 spend more than 30 minutes in prayer, but I 8:09 always pray every 30 minutes. 8:11 I spend time in His presence. 8:13 So I think that one of the main things is, 8:15 is keeping it fresh, keeping it real, 8:18 keeping it authentic, not being a prayer warrior 8:22 just because you’re in public with people. 8:25 But what do you do behind the scenes? 8:27 I also believe that as a ministry gift, 8:30 you need to be accountable. 8:31 You need to be in alignment with somebody 8:34 that can tell, you know, if you don’t have somebody 8:37 that really has teeth in the relationship, 8:39 that can correct you until, you know, then 8:42 you can go off and be in all kinds of craziness. 8:45 That’s why we have spooky prophets instead 8:47 of presence prophets. 8:49 We’ve got people that are out there as lone rangers 8:51 missing it because they’re not submitted or 8:54 accountable to anyone, you know. 8:56 And Ezekiel, it says with two wings, they flew 8:58 in with two wings. They covered Ezekiel. 9:00 Chapter one had the face of a lion, 9:02 the face of an eagle, the face of a man, 9:04 the face of an ox. 9:05 That’s a picture of the Five-fold Ministries. 9:07 So not only do we need accountability, 9:09 we need to fly with the right people. 9:11 Who are we fly with? 9:13 Who is our team, who we saw with, 9:15 who can tell us when we got something wrong in 9:18 our life that can help us to grow? 9:20 If we do that, then we’ll be a presence profit and 9:23 not a personality prophet or it’s just built around 9:25 us and our personality and then we’ll burn out. 9:28 But if we’ll be a presence prophet 9:29 we’ll go the long distance or we’ll reach 9:33 many, many more people because we did so. 9:35 CS: So stay tuned. We’re going to be right back 9:41 to talk more about presence prophecy. 9:47 [Music] 9:49 >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 9:51 coaching or would like some direction and 9:53 encouragement? 9:54 Dr. Candice is a board-certified counselor 9:56 who walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 9:59 and she wants to mentor you in her 10:01 School of the Supernatural. 10:03 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E courses, 10:06 books and many other additional resources that 10:08 will help you strategize and release heaven in 10:11 every area of your life. 10:13 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 10:15 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 10:19 You can also schedule some personal time with 10:22 Dr. Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 10:25 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 10:28 through personal issues in your life and propel you 10:31 into your purpose and destiny. Visit her 10:34 website for all of her resources and follow 10:36 and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 10:39 Instagram and YouTube. 10:45 [Music] 10:51 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us because we’re 10:54 talking about presence prophecy, presence 10:56 prophets and, apostle Joshua, 10:59 I just wanted to talk with you a little bit 11:01 about intersession and the importance of 11:03 intercession and prophecy. 11:04 I know when God began to develop me as a prophet, 11:07 it came and flowed. 11:09 Being a prophet flowed out of first being an 11:12 intercession, learning how to be in the presence of 11:15 God and simply begin to intercede, 11:18 grab a hold of His heart. He is a Father 11:20 with compassion and love for His people, 11:22 wanting to see environments changed and shifted 11:25 one to just wanting to see salvation healing. 11:28 But prophets can’t truly speak out until they 11:30 know the heart of God. 11:31 And you can’t find the heart of God until you 11:33 learn to intercede, to put yourself in that position 11:37 of hearing what God is saying about his people 11:39 and then beginning to intercede for them to 11:42 share with me a little bit about that intersection of 11:44 intercessory and prophecy. 11:48 JF: Yes. Well, in that encounter that I shared, 11:50 you know, this arc was coming from heaven, 11:52 like this big circle from the throne of God into the 11:55 earth and where it intersected this massive, 11:58 like angel of this being with wings and a face of a 12:03 man grabbed a hold of that where it intersected and 12:07 like an atomic bomb just exploded over a city. 12:11 Healings, awakenings, miracles. 12:13 A massive harvest of souls begins to come in. 12:17 And he said, “Tell my people I will meet them 12:20 at the intersection of intersession.” 12:22 He said, I”‘ll meet them on the corner of worship and 12:25 intersession.” I love the way God talks. 12:27 It’s just brilliant. It’s an understatement. 12:30 But when He said that, I was like, whoa, 12:33 when our worship in our intercession meet when 12:35 we are people of prayer, when we were people of 12:37 intimacy and worship, he said that’s where I will 12:40 enter into cities. 12:41 So I believe as a believer, 12:44 what we need to do personally and as 12:46 prophets, as leaders, we need to make sure that we 12:50 create those intersession intersections. We need 12:53 to be intentional to come together and meet 12:57 and pray. And when we pray, then He can 13:00 begin to invade and flow through that place 13:03 in our lives. But, you know, as a person of prayer, 13:06 all leaders need to make sure that that’s a 13:09 personal place and not just a public place. 13:12 CS: Yeah, you know, there’s a level of authenticity 13:15 that is established. 13:16 And when we learn to pray, even the Lord’s Prayer, 13:19 you know exactly what God is saying. 13:22 Pray the Word of God, pray the heart of God, 13:26 pray these things. 13:27 And then we began to see our atmosphere shift. 13:30 Then we began to set things up for this great 13:33 outpouring, this whole situation we’ve had with 13:37 the pandemic now and not being able to go to our 13:41 local assemblies, we’ve now are positioned for 13:44 what we understand to be the great outpouring, 13:48 the glory outpouring that is getting ready to come. 13:50 And if it’s going to be coming to feel like you’ve 13:54 spoken of before, is going to be coming when we 13:57 have people that are gathered together, 13:59 one heart, one mind with Him. 14:00 But that only comes through the prayers of 14:04 the people in unity. 14:06 And then we begin to see things with what has the 14:09 Lord showed you about paradigm shifting and 14:12 global awakening? 14:14 JF: Yes, He even actually came to me and He said 14:16 these are the days of the great return. 14:19 He said, your days have become those days, 14:22 the days that you’ve longed for, the days 14:25 that your ancestors prayed for, the days 14:27 that have been prophesied for years, he said. 14:29 These are the days of the great return, 14:32 the days of the ROI. 14:33 He said, “I will have My return on My investment.” 14:37 He said, “I sowed My Son into the Earth to bring forth 14:41 a great harvest.” And He said, 14:43 “Now that harvest is coming forth. 14:45 He said, kings and queens and prime ministers and 14:48 rulers and presidents would bow before Him. 14:50 He said broadcasters would bow before Him. 14:53 Athletes and actresses would babble for Him.” 14:55 Well, just after God spoke that to me and 14:58 we begin to come together in global 15:00 communion to pray for this. 15:01 The next weekend, President Trump had had 15:04 a friend of ours, Bishop Harry Jackson, 15:06 into the Oval Office and in an unprecedented 15:09 manner, he prayed in the Name of Jesus from the 15:13 White House, not just to God, but in the Name of Jesus, 15:17 called upon the Name of the Lord. 15:19 The Queen of England did it. 15:20 The Prime Minister did it. 15:22 We had the president of South Africa. 15:24 The president of Brazil did it. 15:26 So what’s happening right now? 15:27 Even a broadcaster on news, he asked 15:30 Bishop Jakes to pray. CS: Hmm-mm. 15:32 JF: We’ve had athletes and actresses. 15:34 He said the stars of Hollywood will bow before me. 15:38 He said, surely the stars will bow in that prophecy. 15:41 And we’re seeing it happen right now. 15:43 So if we’re going to bring in this harvest, 15:45 we can’t do business as usual. 15:47 We have to cast the net on the other side. 15:50 We have to be begin to believe God, that 15:52 our platforms are no longer the platforms 15:54 and buildings, our platforms, our online, 15:58 our platforms are like 16:00 this on this program today, 16:01 our platforms are in streets and fields. 16:04 Our platforms are in our homes, 16:06 around our coffee tables. CS: Hmm. Amen. 16:08 God is taking us out of the box so that we can 16:11 bring in a great harvest. 16:12 See, we are watchman on the wall as prophets. 16:15 We are intercessors. 16:17 And before we can ever speak it in public, 16:19 we need to pray it through in private. 16:21 CS: Oh, that is so good. 16:24 I know there’s some people that are watching today 16:26 and they feel a call on their life. They feel 16:29 like God has set them apart to be a prophet. 16:33 Now you mentioned the importance of 16:35 accountability relationships. So the Lord 16:38 is encouraging them into prophetic ministry. 16:41 He’s also to align them with pastoral leadership 16:46 that can help take their gift to the next levels 16:49 that God intends or give to go to. 16:50 But if you’re watching today and you feel that 16:54 desire to step into the prophetic, 16:57 we want you to reach out to us because it’s very, 16:59 very important. 17:01 You can you can go to Joshua’s website, 17:02 Awake the World Dog, reach out to him. 17:05 You need to mentorship some training. 17:07 We both provide that in a variety of different ways 17:10 through our ministries. 17:12 But I think it’s important because lots of people 17:14 think they want to be a prophet just because they 17:18 want their name on something. 17:19 Listen, nobody I’m telling you that will get stripped 17:22 from you really fast. 17:23 You’re not going to want to have your name on 17:25 anything once you really accept and receive and 17:30 commit to the call of being a prophet. 17:33 But I want you to just speak for a couple of minutes. 17:35 I speak a word of encouragement to those 17:37 people that that may really feel like I know 17:40 God has called me to be a prophet, 17:41 but I’m maybe I’m not in the right ministry maybe, 17:44 or I’m getting squelched everywhere I’m at. 17:48 And I’m not really, I don’t feel like I’m 17:50 stepping into the fullness. 17:51 What would you say to them? 17:52 JF: I would say as a, as a prophet, 17:54 you need to find people that understand you 17:56 as a prophet. They be in the apostolic center, 18:01 a place that would begin to raise you up 18:03 and send you forth to fulfill your calling. You 18:06 don’t need to be a part of a just a 18:09 gathering center. A lot of churches are gathering 18:12 and training centers and you just gather 18:14 people and sit there. You need someone that 18:16 you can be with that will send you forth. 18:19 An apostle means one who sent to send. 18:22 It means a commissioner, one who’s been 18:25 commissioned to commission. 18:26 So when you align with the Five-fold Ministries, 18:29 then God can begin to position you and send you 18:32 forth and you need to be willing to sit until 18:36 you’re set so you can be sent. 18:38 You sit in the house and get the right DNA, 18:41 the right anointing. 18:42 Then you’ll be set, you’ll be established and 18:45 on your mark get set, you can go you can be set 18:48 forth into your destiny. 18:51 CS: Wow! Get in proper alignment 18:52 with somebody that can help take the 18:55 gift that God has deposited on the inside of 18:58 you to next level, come into those accountability 19:01 relationships, establish what it is in your heart, 19:05 make the commitments that God wants you to make. 19:08 All prophets have to make choices and decisions 19:10 about even being public in certain levels. 19:13 You know, certain places. 19:15 You know, there’s a lot of decisions that come with 19:19 accepting the call to being a prophet of the Lord. 19:22 And so and that’s you today. 19:23 I want you to stay tuned because we’re going to 19:26 talk more to Dr. Joshua about Presents Prophecy. 19:31 His book is filled with a whole lot of information 19:34 that will really help you come to that place of 19:37 knowing, learning and growing. So we 19:40 look forward to seeing you in just a few minutes. 19:43 [Music] 19:49 >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international 19:52 prophetic voice healing minister, 19:55 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 19:58 how to access the heavenly realms and live the 20:01 resurrected life. Her passion is to see 20:03 people healed and delivered and come 20:05 into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 20:07 as royal heirs seeded with him in the 20:09 heavenly realms. She believes everyone can 20:12 access Heaven and walk in the power of 20:14 God in her meetings. 20:16 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 20:18 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 20:21 >> Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 20:23 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 20:26 she offers many classes in her school of the 20:29 supernatural where you, too, 20:30 can learn to release Heaven, 20:32 the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:35 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 20:38 “Dream Mentors International,” an organization that 20:40 teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 20:43 Check out her Website and subscribe to our 20:46 YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook 20:49 for more resources. [Music] 20:56 CS: We’ve been talking today about the glory of 20:59 the presence prophet and your path to destiny. 21:02 And so have you been called to be a prophet 21:06 of the Lord? 21:07 We’re going to have in a few moments an opportunity 21:09 for some importation in that area. But I wanted to ask 21:14 Dr. Joshua about a presence encounter 21:17 that he, you’ve had multiple times, but one is one that 21:20 you can think of that the people today would 21:23 it would really kind of pull them in alignment 21:25 with what we’re talking about. 21:26 JF: Well, you know, about six years ago, 21:28 I went through probably one of the most 21:30 challenging times of my life. I was so broken. 21:33 I wasn’t able to preach. I felt like I didn’t even 21:37 have the power to get the sheets off of me. 21:39 Such depression, such an attack of the enemy. 21:44 I felt like I lost everything just hopeless. 21:47 And I literally I was pastoring a church at the 21:50 time and I had turned over the pulpit to the elders 21:53 and said, you just need to preach. 21:55 And I just said on the front row and in every 21:57 day for seven months, I cried like a baby, 22:01 broken, broken, just. And I felt and 22:04 personal orders to share that from this one. 22:06 In the middle of that one day the Lord walked into 22:09 the room. When He walked into the room, 22:12 He began to speak to me and let me know that he 22:16 was taking me to a next dimension. 22:17 And in this next dimension I saw these golden keys 22:21 come down from heaven, begin to come down into 22:24 the earth. And then He reminded me of 22:27 an encounter that I’d had took me 22:29 right back to 20 something years before 22:31 my twin daughters were born. And he told me 22:33 when my twin daughters were born, He said, 22:35 Do you know that I have twins? 22:37 And I said, you have twins? 22:39 He said their names are suddenly and immediately. 22:42 And so in this encounter, I’m watching 22:44 these keys rain. And He’s standing here 22:46 and He’s talking to me, telling me 22:48 I’m taking you out of this season of despondency 22:50 and depression and everywhere you’ve 22:52 been in your life. He said, “I’m going 22:54 to begin to release suddenly and 22:55 immediately.” He said in this season, 22:58 “I’m going to bring my body, my church, 23:00 into such a suddenly season and to such 23:03 an immediacy of seeing break through 23:05 that they’ve never seen before,” He said. 23:07 In fact, you’re not just coming into a season. 23:10 He said, “They’re coming this day. 23:12 My time twins are coming to stay.” 23:14 He said, “Tell My people this.” 23:16 And so from this encounter, 23:18 I’ve been on this journey. 23:19 And He told me, like I said earlier, 23:22 He said “Every suddenly is preceded by a Selah! 23:26 And so, if I could just encourage anyone that’s 23:28 watching it, I maybe you feel hopeless, 23:31 maybe you feel broken. Maybe you’re like me. 23:33 You can’t yet. 23:34 At that time, six, six years ago, 23:37 I couldn’t get the sheet off of myself. 23:39 I felt like it was all over. I felt so devastated 23:43 in the middle of divorce, in the middle of brokenness, 23:46 my kids’ mother had left me for another man. 23:48 I’ll just be real with you. I was just hurt. 23:52 I was so hurt and I didn’t think I could keep 23:55 ministering, couldn’t keep doing anything. 23:58 But that’s when the Lord reached down. 23:59 I mean, literally put His hand on my shoulder 24:02 and He said, get up, son, don’t look back, 24:05 keep going forward. And in this encounter, 24:07 He began to give these keys. And I believe one 24:10 of these keys is the Selah, is when 24:12 we learn to pause in His presence. So 24:14 I just want to encourage those that 24:16 are watching today. 24:17 If you can pause in His presence, 24:19 He can bring healing to your soul. 24:21 If you can pause in His presence, 24:23 He can take everything that you’ve been going 24:25 through and he can make it turn around for your good. 24:30 I’m seeing it happen in my life right now with 24:33 meeting you with global communion, 24:35 with touching nations, with the harvest of souls. 24:38 That broken man that I was six years ago is healed. 24:42 And this whole and God is restoring and making all 24:45 things now. 24:46 CS: Wow. I’m really moved by that story. 24:49 So I know there’s a lot of people that are in 24:51 leadership that have had a family breakdown. 24:54 They’ve had some difficult things happen. 24:56 And, you know, you know, 24:58 as a, as a pastor, as a pastoral man, 25:01 Okay, I can speak from a man perspective, 25:04 but from a prideful perspective, being a human right, 25:06 JF: Yeah! CS: just knowing how difficult 25:09 that is when we are faced with being stripped or just 25:12 being stripped and wondering if we have a 25:15 hope and a future, wondering if our ministry 25:19 is completely destroyed or whether or not God 25:22 will bring it forth. 25:24 Now, you have a beautiful wife. 25:25 You have a baby on the way. 25:26 You have amazing things happen. 25:28 Your kids from your previous wife are all in 25:31 ministry and they are all a branch- 25:33 JF: They’re all working with me! 25:34 CS: It’s beautiful. Your story is beautiful. 25:36 This story ends beautifully and the story 25:39 in your life ends beautifully because the 25:41 goodness of God is so great. 25:43 And He comes in and he lifts us up. 25:46 And just as he touched Joshua on the shoulder and 25:48 told him about the two friends, 25:50 that suddenly is in the immediacy. 25:52 You know, these friends are in your life as well too. 25:56 And so I just want to encourage you to get up 25:58 off the floor wherever you’re at. 26:00 Take those covers off of yourself, 26:02 step into that place where you live, 26:04 the life that God has called you to live, 26:06 no matter what is happening. 26:07 It is not so bad that he cannot come in and 26:11 rescue you from it and bring you to that place of 26:14 peace, joy, health, wholeness and happiness. 26:17 Now, I spoke about importation, 26:21 and I know that there are people that are watching. 26:23 There’re people that are hungry. 26:24 They want to serve the Lord. 26:25 So, Apostle, I want you to impart to them today, 26:31 call forth some people to come into alignment. 26:34 And if they feel as though they may not, 26:37 things may not be working well with their current 26:40 leadership. Something may happen in their heart. 26:42 They may feel like, well, who will I go to? 26:44 What will I do? Speak to them, pray for them, 26:47 impart to them the last minute or so that we 26:49 have here. 26:50 JF: Yes. You know, the Bible lets us know and job. 26:52 There’s hope for a tree. 26:54 If a stump is cut down, it can. 26:57 But again, it can bloom again. 26:59 So if you’ve been broken like I was broken, 27:01 just know that the scent of water at the scent of 27:04 rain, that that stump will grow again and you’re 27:07 going to grow again. 27:08 I’ve seen God do so many amazing things in my life. 27:12 Release restoration. 27:13 So I speak restoration to you right now. 27:16 I declare in decree that the Lord is not only 27:18 restoring you, but he’s making you better 27:21 than you were before. I declared and decree 27:24 in the Name of Jesus that God is raising you up. 27:27 He’s raising your ministry up, and we just 27:29 activate you in the nine gifts of the Spirit. 27:31 We call forth the destiny, the favor, 27:33 the anointing of God to begin to flow through you. 27:36 And I hear the name, O’Neill. 27:38 I believe there’s somebody watching that. 27:39 Your last name is O’Neill. 27:41 And the Lord says His hand is upon you. 27:43 He’s called you for such a time as this. 27:45 And though it’s been dark, get ready. The brightness 27:48 of His glory is going to rise upon you. 27:50 CS: Oh, hallelujah. 27:52 So those of you apostles, prophets, 27:55 pastors, teachers, evangelists, 27:57 we call you forth now come out. 27:59 The great harvest is before you rise up. 28:02 Put on the cloak and the mantle that God has given 28:05 you get in proper alignment with the 28:06 ministry that God has called you to be a part of. 28:09 Reach out to us if you need help and 28:11 encouragement. 28:12 We want you to be all God want you to be, 28:15 because that’s His dream and His desire for you. 28:18 I want you to remember take the hand of Messiah 28:20 [Music] because He’s walking you 28:22 into Your Path of Destiny.

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Dr. Joshua Fowler share why many prophets get it wrong.

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