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0:01 CS: What kind of faith do we need to have for 0:02 healing and miracles? 0:03 I want to help you activate your faith. 0:07 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:10 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:14 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:19 in victory and wholeness. 0:22 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:26 [Music Ends] 0:28 CS: I’m Candice Smithyman 0:30 and your personal mentor and 0:31 life coach trainer, and this is your Path to Destiny. 0:35 And today we’re going to be talking about how to 0:37 activate your faith for healing and miracles. 0:40 I have people ask me all over the world when I go, 0:43 and I travel internationally and I’m 0:47 doing different conferences about how do 0:51 you activate your faith for healing in miracles? 0:54 And that’s a really, really good question. 0:58 We first have to understand about faith and how 1:01 faith is increased by us hearing the Word of God. 1:05 Do you know that when Jesus and Luke Chapter 1:09 five, when he was out in the boat before coming 1:13 back in to minister to the people, 1:16 he then began to speak the Word of God and then 1:21 things began to happen. 1:23 So. So, Jesus is the Word of God. 1:25 But when he begins to even speak the Word of God and 1:27 people begin to hear it, then their faith increases 1:29 and then miracles begin to happen. 1:33 And so, we know that when we want to see miracles 1:37 and healings happen, the Word of God has to be 1:40 around, and faith and the Word of God have to be in 1:44 unison with one another. 1:46 See your faith and the Word of God, 1:48 which is Jesus, because in John chapter one, 1:52 it says, Jesus was the Word and the Word walked 1:55 the earth, okay? And so, Jesus is the Word. And 1:59 when we speak to Word, it’s like we’re speaking Jesus. 2:02 Okay, so we have to position ourselves to know 2:05 that there is so much power in the Word of God. 2:07 When the Lord wanted to create the universe, 2:10 the Word says that He spoke it into existence. 2:14 When he wanted to change things, 2:16 He spoke it. And so, we need to grab 2:17 so much of the faith of God Himself to be able 2:23 to position ourselves to activate our own faith, 2:26 to step in to healing and miracles. 2:30 And so, I just want to encourage you today that 2:33 it is possible to walk in the power of healing and 2:36 miracles, but we have to step into the faith of God. 2:40 Yes, the faith of God is something different than 2:43 just having faith in God. 2:45 Faith of God means that our faith has a touch to 2:50 God’s very own faith for something. 2:53 And so, then we begin to speak the word about what 2:57 God wants to do, and then we begin to see healing 3:01 and miracles. 3:02 See, there is a keenness, and we find this in the 3:06 book of Galatians. 3:07 The Apostle Paul is speaking to us in chapter 3:11 two, verse 20, and he says, 3:14 I am crucified with Jesus. 3:16 Nevertheless, I live yet not I, 3:18 but Jesus liveth in me and the life which I now live 3:22 in the flesh I live by the faith of. 3:26 This Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for 3:29 me, I do not frustrate the grace of God for 3:32 righteousness, righteousness came by the 3:35 law, then Jesus is dead in vain again. 3:39 Righteousness are right. 3:40 Standing does not come through. 3:42 What we do comes through who Jesus is. 3:44 And so, the Word is telling us specifically, 3:48 the apostle Paul is beseeching us. 3:50 He’s calling us to understand that if we want 3:53 to begin to see change, we have to tap into the faith 3:57 of God. 3:58 He says “He doesn’t live, but Christ lives in him 4:02 and the life which he now manifests in the flesh. 4:05 Whatever Paul is doing in the flesh, 4:06 he’s doing it by the faith of the Son of God.” 4:09 So, let me tell you a little bit about this 4:11 faith of the Son of God. 4:13 See, faith in God just means, 4:16 you know, that God is good and that he’s going to do 4:18 something. 4:19 And so, you have faith in him doing that. 4:21 But the faith of God means that you’ve tapped into 4:24 the fact that you know for sure that God wants to do 4:30 this very thing and because he’s good, 4:34 he’s going to do it. 4:34 So, it’s a higher level. 4:37 Sometimes we say to ourselves, 4:39 you know, I believe God is going to do this, 4:41 but we’re not really seeing it at the place of 4:44 the faith of God that is going to be brought forth. 4:47 We’re seeing in a place of hope. 4:49 You know, there’s a difference between hope 4:50 and faith. 4:51 Hope is a great thing. 4:52 Hope will help rises to a certain level. 4:54 But until we tap into faith and grab a hold of 4:57 the substance, because that’s Hebrews Chapter 11, 4:59 verse one. 5:00 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, 5:03 the evidence of things not seen until we grab a hold 5:07 of the substance of who God is and what he wants 5:11 to do. 5:12 We will not be seeing the healing and miracles that 5:16 we want to see in the Earth. 5:18 Now, this is very, very important to understand 5:21 because the faith of God is the faith that will 5:24 move mountains in your life. 5:26 I know some of your watching right now and 5:27 you’re going, listen, my body is broken. 5:31 You know, my physical body. 5:32 I’m going through so much pain. 5:34 I’m going through chronic pain. 5:35 My house is broken, my house is broken, 5:38 and relationships, my finances are broken. 5:41 All of these aspects are missing. 5:44 Pieces are missing of this. 5:46 And how can I know for sure that God wants to do 5:50 something here? 5:50 Well, you must know who God is. 5:53 And then you can tap in to believing that because of 5:57 his character in nature, he indeed wants to do this 6:00 thing. 6:01 You also listen for a word of knowledge. 6:03 A word of knowledge is the fact that God speaks to us 6:06 specifically what he is getting ready to do. 6:08 Let me share with you a little bit about word of 6:10 knowledge. 6:11 In Luke Chapter five, we find that Jesus comes on 6:15 the scene and he tells the disciples to go out into 6:17 the deep water and to cast the net. 6:19 And they’ve been out fishing all night. 6:22 And they and they were like, 6:24 Jesus. 6:25 But don’t you know, we master we’ve been out 6:26 there all night. 6:27 Why are you asking us to do this? 6:28 And he says, listen, just do what I’m saying and go 6:31 ahead and cast the net and you’re going to bring in 6:33 the fish. 6:34 And so, they listen to him, 6:35 they cast the net and what happens? 6:37 They fill the net full of fish. 6:40 Let me tell you about the faith of God. 6:42 The faith of God is the fact that Jesus said he 6:46 wanted to do something, and the disciples 6:48 responded in faith and obedience to what Jesus 6:53 spoke and boom, the miracle is there. 6:56 Now, listen, God is speaking to you right now. 7:00 He’s telling you things that he he wants to change 7:03 in your life. 7:05 He’s showing you that there are things that are 7:07 missing and broken, and he wants to fix them. 7:09 And he’s speaking to you about fixing them. 7:11 And now if he’s going to talk to you about fixing 7:14 something in your life, then guess what? 7:16 He’s going to fix it because he’s not just 7:18 going to have a conversation with you 7:19 about what he wants to fix and then doesn’t fix it. 7:21 He’s going to have a conversation with you 7:23 about fixing something that he himself is going 7:26 to fix. 7:27 Do you hear the difference in faith versus hope? 7:31 I hope that God will fix this thing for me. 7:33 I think that this is what God wants to do. 7:35 Now, how about God just said, 7:38 as he’s speaking to you and he’s sharing with you 7:40 that he wants to make this change and he’s going to 7:42 take that time to tell you that he’s going to make 7:44 the change. 7:45 But you know what? 7:46 You have to have the faith of God to believe it. 7:48 You have to have the faith of Jesus. 7:50 Then when Jesus speaks to you, 7:52 hey, this place is missing and broken and I want to 7:55 fix it, OK? 7:56 That he’s indeed going to do what he said. 7:58 Listen, my God does not lie. 8:00 And he says he’s going to do something. 8:02 He’s going to do it. 8:03 I just have to attach my faith to it. 8:06 Now, why would I not want to attach my faith to 8:09 something that Jesus said? 8:10 If I’ve had trauma in my soul, 8:15 in my mind, my will and my emotions, 8:16 I’ve, I’ve had trauma. 8:18 If I’ve had disappointment, 8:19 if I’ve had difficult things that have happened, 8:22 and I’ve said I don’t know why then that. 8:25 Caused me to shrink back and say, 8:27 oh, God, surely doesn’t want to do that for me. 8:31 Okay, now listen, folks, that’s not faith. 8:34 Come on. 8:35 I know somebody is understanding what I’m 8:36 saying right now. 8:37 I know that you’re hanging on every word and you’re 8:40 saying, wait a minute, that’s me. 8:42 I do that all the time. 8:43 I’ll believe that God wants to do something. 8:45 But then when I look at my life or I look at my 8:48 mistakes that I made or I look at something that is 8:50 missing and broken, I’ll talk myself out of that 8:54 and think that God is not there. 8:57 Listen, he’s there. 8:59 I want you to stay tuned or see, 9:00 because I’m going to teach you more about how to 9:03 activate your faith for healing and miracles in 9:06 your life. 9:06 Listen, God wants to do it, 9:09 and he just needs you to believe. [Music] 9:13 Your path to destiny is waiting for you. 9:16 [Music] 9:21 [Music Ends] 9:22 [Music] 9:23 Dr. Candice Smitherman is an international prophetic 9:25 voice healing minister, author and pastor who 9:28 travels the world sharing how to access the heavenly 9:31 realms and lived the resurrected life. 9:34 Her passion is to see people killed and 9:36 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 9:38 in Christ as royal heirs seeded with him in the 9:41 heavenly realms. 9:42 She believes everyone can access heaven and walk in 9:45 the power of God in her meetings. 9:47 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 9:50 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 9:52 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 9:55 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 9:58 she offers many classes in her school of the 10:01 supernatural where you, too, 10:02 can learn to release heaven, 10:04 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:07 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of Dream 10:10 Mentors International, an organization that teaches 10:13 and trains biblical life coaches. 10:15 Check out her Web site and subscribe to our YouTube 10:18 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more 10:21 resources. [Music Ends] 10:22 [Music] 10:26 [Music Ends 10:28 I’m excited for you because I know God is 10:31 speaking to you about faith and about the faith 10:34 of God with the apostle Paul says we need to have 10:38 every day the faith of God. 10:40 And I want to encourage you, 10:42 the way you build your faith is by getting in the 10:45 word of God, by reading it, 10:49 speaking it, and beginning to see it transform what’s 10:53 happening in your world. 10:54 Yes, you need to take the word of God itself and 10:58 begin to use the word in certain situations. 11:00 You want to see your marriage healed, 11:02 then stop talking bad about your husband and 11:05 wife to the Lord. 11:06 Instead, start saying in the name of Jesus, 11:10 I know and believe the God. 11:12 You want my marriage to be a beautiful marriage. 11:15 And so, I thank you, Father, 11:16 that my marriage will be good because it is a part 11:19 of who you are and learning to touch my faith 11:21 to that. 11:22 And I’m going to begin to speak life into that place 11:24 because it’s what you want and then do not grow weary 11:29 in your well doing and in waiting for in due time, 11:32 the word says you will reap a harvest. 11:34 This is where people fail. 11:36 The process is they’ll throw out a few scriptures 11:39 and then they’ll say, well, 11:40 I did what I supposed to do, 11:41 and I didn’t see the change. 11:42 I said it would be God’s will and desire for your 11:45 marriage to be beautiful and prosperous and healthy 11:49 and strong. 11:50 And you and your husband, are you and your wife 11:53 working toward living out Kingdome purpose? 11:56 That would be the will of the father. 11:57 There’s nothing less than that. 11:59 And so, when you tap into that, 12:01 then you begin to see that God is going to do the 12:06 very thing that he would want to do. 12:08 But you have to believe that is the will of the Lord. 12:10 And there are people that actually will look at 12:13 their life and they’ll say, 12:15 well, I don’t believe it’s God’s will for my life for 12:16 this to change or for that to change, 12:18 because they’re basing the will of God on their 12:21 broken circumstance. 12:23 No, see, you don’t look at your broken circumstance 12:25 to determine the will of God. 12:27 You look at God to determine the will of God, 12:29 and then he will tell you how he intends to fix your 12:33 broken circumstance. 12:34 Folks, this is a word of hope. 12:36 This is a word of faith. 12:37 See, we’re never too far from God being in that 12:42 place of saying, I want to do this. 12:44 And listen, let me tell you how God speaks. 12:46 You only speak one step at a time, 12:49 OK? 12:50 So, he’s only going to give you one instruction. 12:52 You follow that instruction, 12:53 then you get instruction number two. 12:55 Now, you might see to the end, 12:57 like, let’s take marriage, for example. 12:58 You see at the end a prosperous marriage, 13:01 a vision that God is giving you a marriage of 13:03 husband and wife serving the Lord together, 13:05 a marriage of you are stepping into great things 13:09 together, whatever that vision is. 13:11 But there are steps to get there. 13:13 There’s brokenness that needs to be healed. 13:14 There’s anger, there’s disappointments, 13:16 there’s resentment. 13:17 All of these things exist in relationships that have 13:22 to be dealt with. 13:23 But how do you navigate the plan? 13:25 You do what God says one by one till he begins to 13:29 break through and give you that victorious 13:32 relationship. 13:33 He begins to break through and give you the healing 13:36 and the miracle that you need in your marriage, 13:39 in your life. 13:40 So, you do one step at a time as God and you tap 13:43 into God’s faith for the very thing that you want 13:47 to see changed. 13:48 And you begin to speak that out of your mouth. 13:50 And listen, the moment you begin to get on board with 13:53 what God is doing, don’t think for a second that 13:55 the enemy is not going to come and try and trip you 13:57 up and get you off the journey. 13:58 All right. 13:59 He’s going to try and do that. 14:01 But that’s where you say no, 14:03 I keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and protector 14:06 of my faith. 14:07 And I am not going to look at what the enemy is 14:11 telling me or what kind of lies staring at me. 14:13 And listen, let me take the enemy’s really good 14:15 when he speaks because he kind of gives you 14:17 half-truths. 14:17 He doesn’t. 14:18 He lies through giving half-truth. 14:21 The whole truth is a lie. 14:23 So, when he speaks, he’ll take the truth and twisted 14:26 just a little bit to make it a lie. 14:28 So, you have to have your ears tuned. 14:31 You have to know that when you hear him say things 14:34 like, oh, your marriage is never going to change. 14:37 Oh, you know, don’t you know that this is what 14:40 you’re your spouse did the other day? 14:43 You know, it makes you like, 14:44 focus on that. 14:45 He’s going to do everything he can to get 14:47 you to focus off of the faith of God for the 14:50 healing and the miracle that wants to come. 14:51 Listen, the same thing goes same truth goes in 14:54 response to your body. 14:55 Let’s say you’ve a chronic disorder, 14:57 Okay, because you have been programed to 14:59 consistently think about the chronic disorder. 15:02 Every single time you feel a pain or whatever your 15:04 mind goes to. 15:06 That thing, which you need to do is train yourself 15:08 that. 15:09 Although my mind is going to my chronic disorder, 15:11 that is not the will of God and that is not where 15:14 my mind needs to be. 15:15 Shift my mind needs to be on the Lord and then he 15:20 will heal me. 15:22 Then all of a sudden, the chronic disorder. 15:24 Does it become the great big thing? 15:26 It’s not the. 15:27 Good thing in your life now, 15:29 the working of God and victory and the Holy 15:32 Spirit is power, and that comes to take control. 15:36 The mind is the place that we begin to start to 15:39 develop our faith of God. 15:41 And I want you to begin to practice at home. 15:44 I want you to get in that place with the Lord and 15:46 begin to start to say, Lord, 15:48 I believe that this is what you want to change in 15:50 my life, and this is going to prayer. 15:52 Ask him, say, Lord, what is it that you want to do? 15:54 What changes that you want to make and then agree 15:56 with him in faith? 15:58 Believe with him, write it down. 16:00 I always tell you to write things down as your life 16:01 coach trainer, whether I tell you to do that, 16:03 because when you write it, you’re going to see it and 16:05 you’re going to say it. 16:06 And also, to it’s a great way for you to go back and 16:09 say, wow, look what God has done because you wrote 16:12 it down. 16:13 We’re not quick enough in the earth to be able to 16:15 remember everything that we’re asking God about. 16:18 Writing it down is a really good thing. 16:20 Write it down and then take it before the throne 16:24 and say, Lord, you gave this to me. 16:26 Is the area that you want to fix. 16:27 I’m going to stand with you in faith. 16:30 I’m going to take on the faith of God right now 16:32 that you’re going to change this situation. 16:35 And why are you going to change a God? 16:37 Because it’s good for you. 16:39 That is change. 16:39 So, you listen to the power here. 16:41 God, when we understand that God will change 16:44 things because it’s good for him to change it, 16:46 we remove ourself from the equation so you can remove 16:49 your bad day from the equation by now putting 16:53 the emphasis on God doing it because it’s good for 16:56 God that it’s done. 16:57 Listen, it was good for God that the disciples put 17:01 the net over and caught all those fish that was 17:03 good for God. 17:04 They could have a big feast afterwards. 17:05 It was also good for God because they learned about 17:07 who Jesus was in the midst of it. 17:10 They learned then that he was the one that was going 17:12 to multiply things. 17:14 They learn an aspect of his character. 17:16 It is good for God that you learn something about 17:19 him because everything you learn about him 17:21 strengthens you, makes you stronger. 17:23 It gives you the ability to keep going forward and 17:26 being victorious. 17:27 If you don’t know about him, 17:29 you can’t stand on who he is. 17:30 He’s not asking you to stand on yourself. 17:33 He’s not asking you to stand in your credentials. 17:35 He’s not asking you to stand on what you learned 17:37 yesterday about whatever. 17:39 He’s asking you to stand on him and on the word. 17:42 And listen, if I’m going to bank on anything, 17:45 I’m going to bank on God. 17:47 Do exactly what God’s going to say when I go and 17:51 minister in in revivals and things of that sort. 17:55 When I enter into those environments, 17:56 I always ask, Lord, what is it that you want to do 17:58 in this place? 18:00 Tell me what you want to do and then I’m going to 18:02 meet you there. 18:02 And so usually he gives me three. 18:05 He usually starts me off with three different types 18:07 of healings that he wants to do in the revival 18:10 meeting at that time. 18:12 And so, when I come up to begin to minister to 18:14 people, I will list three specific things that I 18:17 heard from him. 18:18 They’re not three things that I just decided, 18:21 oh, today I’m going to say that God wants to heal 18:23 backs. 18:24 No, maybe today is not the day he wants to heal back. 18:26 Okay, so I listen to what it is that God wants to do 18:30 in the revival meeting. 18:32 And then I say, this is what I heard the Lord say. 18:35 And guess what? 18:37 There’s the whole altar full of people that are 18:40 having that particular need met and every single 18:43 one of them are healed. 18:45 Why are they healed? 18:46 Because God said today, this is what I want to do. 18:49 And all I needed was someone to listen to him 18:51 and to speak it out at home right where you’re 18:54 at. 18:55 All he needs is you to hear what he’s saying and 18:57 speak it out. 18:58 He needs you to just listen to what he’s saying 19:00 and grab a hold that he will do what he said. 19:03 And the moment you say it shall be done in Jesus 19:07 name. 19:08 I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited in 19:10 this face because I know it shall be done in Jesus 19:12 name. 19:13 I know that victory is coming to you in Jesus 19:15 name. 19:16 I know you’re going to be healed and your life is 19:17 going to be transformed because he said it. 19:20 And so, I’m standing on it. 19:22 So, stay tuned because we’re going to come back 19:24 and I’m [Music] going to pray for you again 19:25 to have faith and activation. 19:28 [Music] 19:32 [Music Ends] 19:34 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal 19:37 counseling or coaching or would like some direction 19:39 and encouragement? 19:40 Dr. Candice is a board-certified counselor 19:42 who walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 19:45 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the 19:48 Supernatural. 19:49 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E courses, 19:52 books and many other additional resources that 19:54 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 19:57 every area of your life. 19:59 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 20:01 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily 20:05 basis. 20:06 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. 20:08 Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 20:11 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 20:14 through personal issues in your life and propel you 20:17 into your purpose and destiny. 20:19 Visit her website for all of her resources and 20:22 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:25 Instagram, and YouTube. 20:27 [Music Ends] 20:31 [Music] 20:35 [Music Ends] 20:37 CS: Are you getting ready for your 20:39 faith activation? 20:40 Yes, I want to see you begin to step into that 20:43 place of speaking to the broken places in your life 20:46 and watching God put it all back together, 20:48 because it is it is his will. 20:50 He wants to do that. 20:52 And so, let’s take another scripture here before I 20:56 begin to pray for you, because I want you to 20:58 really grab a hold of the importance of standing in 21:02 the place where God speaks, 21:04 what he wants to do, and then you are attaching 21:06 your faith to that. 21:08 That’s how important it is. 21:09 And Matthew, chapter nine, verses twenty-three. 21:11 Twenty-two. 21:12 There was a story about a woman, 21:14 and she had an issue of blood. 21:15 She’d been bleeding for 12 years. 21:17 And she came up behind Jesus and she touched the 21:21 edge of his garment, the edge of his cloak. 21:23 And she said to herself, that’s what the word said. 21:26 She said to herself, If I only touch his cloak, 21:29 I will be healed. 21:31 Jesus then turned and saw her, 21:33 and he said this to her, take heart daughter. 21:35 He said, your faith has healed you and the woman 21:39 was healed at that moment. 21:41 Now, I love this scripture and there’s a lot of them 21:46 like this in Matthew, Chapter eight, 21:47 and Matthew Chapter nine, where Jesus comes in and 21:50 he is doing healing and miracles all over town. 21:54 Now, listen, you need to understand this about 21:55 Jesus. 21:57 Everywhere that Jesus was, he wanted to do something 22:01 that was a blessing for somebody. 22:02 It’s like Jesus gets up in the morning and he’s like, 22:05 I want to go out and heal people today. 22:08 I want to go out and be used of you, 22:11 Father God, to bless the people and let them know 22:13 who you are. 22:14 See, every day he wanted people to see who God was 22:19 through his very own life. 22:20 So, this day he gets up, he’s going through a 22:24 crowd. 22:24 This is a really difficult crowd. 22:26 But in his heart, he is carrying with him the 22:30 faith of God himself to do miracles. 22:33 And who does he run into? 22:35 A woman with an issue of blood. 22:36 For twelve years she’d been praying. 22:38 Now, come on. 22:39 I know some. 22:40 You’ve been praying for twelve years. 22:41 Something you’ve been praying for. 22:42 Twenty some of you been praying for forty. 22:44 And you’re still waiting for your miracle. 22:45 And listen, it’s OK because one day your faith 22:50 and the faith of God are going to come together, 22:52 and God is going to take care of your issue in that 22:55 moment. 22:55 So, for her, it was twelve years. 22:57 The Word said that she said to herself, 23:00 if only I can touch him, I will be healed. 23:04 So, what did she do? 23:05 She had tapped into the faith of God for her 23:07 healing in the moment. 23:09 And so, she went to where he was at and she had to 23:13 put yourself through 23:14 the crowd, touched him. 23:15 He felt the power be released in his life. 23:19 And when he began to feel that the word says that 23:22 she was healed, that word touched in the Greek is 23:25 the word Haptomai. 23:26 It is broken down, meaning to attach yourself with 23:31 fire. 23:32 It means that the moment that you touch something 23:35 you and attach yourself to it, 23:37 fire comes. 23:38 So basically, when it says that she touched him, 23:41 it meant that she touched him and attached her faith 23:44 to his. 23:45 And boom, fire came. 23:47 Fire came in that instant. 23:48 To do what? 23:49 To bring her healing. 23:50 Well, I don’t know about you, 23:51 but that’s really powerful. 23:52 So, when the Lord it touches us, 23:55 a fire comes to bring the healing when our faith in 23:58 his combined fire comes to bring forth the miracle 24:02 that he has in our life, what do you want us to do? 24:05 And so, I know you’re at home right now and you’re 24:07 thinking, wow, I want that kind of faith. 24:10 Listen, I’m going to pray for you right now that 24:12 your faith be increased. 24:13 Listen, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the 24:17 Word of God every time we hear the Word of God and 24:19 we’re around those people that have high levels of 24:22 faith, faith attaches to us and fire comes. 24:26 We begin to feel the excitement we attach to 24:30 knowing God is going to do this. 24:32 And listen, I just want to tell you right now, 24:33 God is going to do something so amazing in 24:36 your life, so amazing. 24:38 I see him healing people right now all over the 24:41 world. 24:42 He’s healing you. 24:43 Listen, I want you to call out whatever disorder it 24:45 is that you have, and I want you to attach your 24:48 faith to the faith of God when you speak right now 24:51 in the mighty name of Jesus, 24:52 the faith of God come upon you. 24:54 Lord, I thank you for my friend watching right now. 24:57 Those who need backs healed. 24:58 Right now, I see a child who is sick with leukemia 25:02 right now and needs to be healed in the mighty name 25:05 of Jesus. 25:06 I speak to that cancer in your body. 25:07 I curse that cancer right now be healed in the name 25:09 of Jesus. 25:10 I see your parents. 25:12 I see parents right now that are worried and 25:14 broken over their child. 25:15 Begin to agree with God now for the healing for, 25:19 she, it’s a she, she shall be healed of cancer in the 25:24 mighty Name of Jesus. 25:25 Anyone else with cancer. 25:26 Right now, I want you to begin to position yourself 25:29 to receive a healing right now in the name of Jesus 25:32 brain cancer and to heal from brain cancer. 25:35 We’re going to. 25:37 A healing from liver cancer, 25:39 gall bladder cancer right now in the name of Jesus, 25:42 hallelujah, mesothelioma, cancer of the lungs right 25:47 now in the mighty name of Jesus, 25:49 thyroid cancer right now in the mighty name of 25:51 Jesus. 25:52 We call them out right now in the mighty name of 25:53 Jesus. 25:53 There is no cancer in heaven. 25:54 There is no cancer on earth. 25:56 God wants to kill you of cancer right now in the 25:58 mighty Name of Jesus. 25:59 If I’ve not called out your cancer, 26:01 I want you to call it your cancer right now in the 26:03 mighty name of Jesus, because God is healing you 26:05 right now. 26:06 The fire touch you in the name of Jesus and burn up 26:08 every cancer in your body right now. 26:10 Father, we speak life to yourselves right now that 26:12 they would begin to bring forth life in every area. 26:15 Father, I praise you. 26:16 And I think you right now healing. 26:18 I speak to digestive issues right now in the 26:20 mighty name of Jesus. 26:21 You’re having trouble. 26:23 I see somebody is having trouble there. 26:25 Their gallbladder is actually bringing forth 26:27 too much bile. 26:28 I see people that are having trouble with their 26:30 stomach, stomach ulcers. 26:31 I speak to you right now in the mighty 26:33 name of Jesus. 26:33 Father, I praise you. 26:34 And I thank you, Lord, that you’re a healing 26:36 intestinal disorder right now. 26:37 And you healed me of Crohn’s disease. 26:39 I speak to those people of Crohn’s disease right now 26:41 in the name of Jesus. 26:42 The Crohn’s disease is cast right now. 26:44 And a healing to your large intestines and your 26:46 small intestines right now in the mighty name of 26:48 Jesus. 26:49 Father, I prayed you. 26:50 And I think that each person, 26:51 Lord, is lift up your hands right now. 26:53 We might the fire angels to come in. 26:55 I invite fire to come upon you right now in the name 26:58 of Jesus to the fire will come and burn off every 27:01 cancer cell, every digestive issue, 27:04 every pain. 27:05 I see spinal cord injuries being healed right now in 27:07 the mighty name of Jesus. 27:08 Father, I prayed you and I. 27:09 Thank you. 27:10 Get up, take your mat, and walk. 27:12 Father, I praise you. 27:13 And I think you right now in the mighty Name of 27:15 Jesus, Father, we give you glory honoring praise. 27:17 You praise him right now. 27:18 So, you praise him right now in the mighty name of 27:21 Jesus. 27:21 Don’t stop praising him. 27:22 Attach your faith to my faith right now and to 27:25 most importantly, the faith of God who says I’m 27:27 healing you right now in the mighty Name of Jesus. 27:30 Father, I prayed you and I think you listen. 27:32 I want you to go online and I want you to let me 27:34 know that you were healed on this broadcast right 27:36 now and that you have received healing from 27:38 cancer, back injury, spinal cord injuries, 27:42 digestive issues. 27:43 Right now, I want you to go in and share with me. 27:45 I want to know what’s happening with you. 27:47 I want you to reach out to me so I can continue to 27:49 mentor you through my school, 27:51 the supernatural and other things that I’m doing. 27:53 Listen, understanding how to activate the faith of 27:56 God for healing and miracles is what is 27:58 necessary for all of us in our lives. 28:01 Oh, hallelujah. 28:02 Father, I just thank you so much for healing, 28:04 my friends. 28:05 Right now, you are healed. 28:06 And the mighty name of Jesus, 28:08 he has touched you and that special place, 28:10 broken hearts to right now be healed in the mighty 28:14 name of Jesus. [Music] 28:15 Take his hand. 28:17 Walk to Your Path of Destiny. 28:22 [Music Ends]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares keys to activating your faith for healing and miracles.

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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